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A Weekend Getaway (Without Stressing Out or Breaking the Bank)

We went on a weekend getaway to Monterey! Read more in this post sponsored by Enterprise Rent-A-Car!

Every once in awhile you just need to get away. I’m not talking about a planned vacation that you take off of work for and save up for months to go on. Those are definitely important, but I don’t think the weekend getaway gets the credit as it deserves. Renting a car for a couple of days and going somewhere that you can get to with one tank of gas is good for your body. It’s good for your soul to be in a different environment for a little bit, and you’ll find that when you go back home, you have renewed energy, and maybe even a better appreciation for the home you took a break from in the first place.

Last weekend, Ayva, my mother-in-law Mary, and I needed to take a weekend getaway. The three of us are always so busy in our respective lives, that a change of scenery seemed like a good idea. We decided to head down to the lovely little city of Monterey for some R&R. We thought our fellas, my husband and my father-in-law, could use a break, too. So the ladies went away and left the guys to their own devices for a couple of days. It was a win/win for the entire Riley family!

A Relaxing Weekend Getaway in Monterey

We really had a nice time! I loved that we weren’t in a rush to get anywhere. We didn’t have an agenda, or a packed schedule to adhere to. Our only goal was to get to Monterey and relax. Our ride down the highway was incredibly leisurely. We stopped for food, and took our time getting to our destination. Once we arrived and checked into the hotel, instead of rushing out right away, we got comfortable, ate snacks and watched a movie.



Later that afternoon, while trying to decide where we were going to go for dinner, we all decided that we really didn’t want to go to a restaurant. We ended up ordering fresh seafood and Ayva and I went to pick it up from Monterey’s famed Cannery Row. Since we were staying so close to historic district and we had some time before our meals were ready to be picked up, Ayva and I did a little exploring.

It always seems damp and a bit soggy whenever we go to Monterey, and last weekend was no exception. That didn’t bother us, though. The light drizzle seems to make the little city even more charming. I mean, there’s sand and water. That’s all I need for my heart to go pitter patter! Speaking of pitter patter, we found a candy store with big old barrels of candy, and Ayva’s heart nearly burst out of her chest. That little girl has never met a candy that she didn’t like! Naturally we each had to pick a few pieces of our favorite candy to have for dessert. Afterwards we headed to Louie Linguini’s for our dinner. Once we got back to our resort, we ate, laughed, and watched cooking shows for the rest of the night. It was exactly what we needed.



The next morning, we splurged on room service and ate a huge breakfast in bed before we even changed out our pajamas. We figured we’d done enough lazing around the hotel room the day before, so after breakfast, we went out to get some fresh air and indulge in Monterey’s natural beauty. From the beach to the dock, Monterey is just breathtaking. It was exactly the right place for the three of us to recalibrate and get reenergized before the super duper busy month of December. If you have a chance to getaway for a few days, do it. Don’t make a ton of plans. Forget scheduling stuff. Just get in the car and roll!




Be a #WeekendWingman with Enterprise Rent-A-Car’s $9.99 Weekend Car Rental Deal!

Weekend getaways aren’t supposed to cost a lot of money. While we wanted to make sure we had a good time, it’s also the holiday season, so I made sure to look for ways to save money even while planning a fun and relaxing mini-trip. I researched hotels for a few days and found a fantastic deal at a 4-star resort. Then, I rented a car from Enterprise Rent-A-Car, and thanks to their $9.99 weekend deal, didn’t have to spend a boatload of money for a nice, safe ride to Monterey. Between food and a couple of souvenirs, we ended up having an incredibly relaxing and enjoyable time without breaking the bank.

Renting from Enterprise Rent-A-Car is super easy. The $9.99 weekend deal is available at your neighborhood rental location for Economy or Compact cars, and is for Friday – Monday rentals. You’ll receive 100 miles/day or 300 miles total for the duration of the rental. If you need a car that’s bigger than the Economy size, they’re available, too! Check out Enteprise Rent-A-Car for more details on the special.

Look, things are about to get really crazy with the holidays and the new year. Carve out some time for you and your family to reconnect on a quick weekend getaway. Show them that YOU are the Weekend Wingman that they never knew you could be!