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The Top 3 Sex Ed Books For Teens

Open and honest conversations with our kids about sex are crucial in today's information age.

Trusting the internet alone for your teenager's sexual education may not be wise.

Start age-appropriate conversations about body parts, boundaries, and good touch/bad touch when they're young.

As they grow older, delve into more detailed and comprehensive discussions about sex.

Be prepared to answer their questions, creating a safe environment for open dialogue.

Use sex education books to ensure accurate information, as they provide more reliable knowledge than social media influencers.

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Here Are The Best Sex Ed Books For Teens

1. Doing It! Let’s Talk About Sex

Author Hannah Witton has written a thoughtful, honest, and engaging book about sex for teens and young adults.

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2. Consent.

A number of reviews for Dr. Jennifer Lang’s book, “Consent: The New Rules of Sex Education: Every Teen’s Guide to Healthy Sexual Relationships” mention how much teens like this book.

3. The Girls Guide to Sex Education

Your teen will learn about masturbation and how to do it, read about the pull-out method, and some of the reviewers thought it was more appropriate for older teens.

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