Looking For Cute Period Pouches?

Always be prepared with a packed period pouch, filled with essential supplies, whether at home or traveling the world.

From using a pencil box to stylish and discreet bags, period pouches now offer options to match individual style.

When choosing a period pouch, consider the right size for your lifestyle, durable waterproof material, sturdy zipper/buttons, and personal style.

You’ll love these period pouches

Mermaid Toiletry Bag

The outside of this bag is soft, waterproof material and it has a plastic liner inside. And of course the mermaid design is perfection.

Sloth Period Pouch

This brand has well-made period pouches with dozens of designs. They often have a coupon on this bag, too, so it's even more affordable.

Not only are these bags functional, they're stylish and come in a set of four. They're just big enough to carry a couple of pads, and you can toss it in a bigger bag.

Portable Sanitary Napkin Bags

This little bag is absolutely adorable. The material is PU leather, the bag is waterproof, and it has a durable double zipper. I am loving the retro vibe!

Preppy Patch Pouch

If you want to be the most discreet on your period, this pouch is for you. It's waterproof but looks like a tiny purse.

Sanitary Pad Bag