How To Prepare Your Tween For Her First Period

Getting period was a traumatic experience; no one talked to about what to expect.

I don't want daughter to feel anxious about something that's natural, so started talking to her about her period early.

Feminine products have evolved, and have innovations like period panties and menstrual cups to make things easier for girls.

Educate your daughter about her period and changes in her body through books, conversations, or journaling together.

Put together a period kit for your daughter, including pads, menstrual cup, ibuprofen, and period panties.

Talk to other family members about your daughter's period so that they can be considerate.

Remind your daughter that she can still do anything she wants to do, even with her period.

Normalize discussing changes in a woman's body and give your daughter space to ask questions.

Keep it real with your daughter about how she'll have to take care of herself during her period, but let her know it's nothing to be scared or embarrassed about.