9 Self-Love Journals to Inspire Confidence

A Year of Self-Care

Okay, so this little book packs a big punch! It's not a journal per se, but I had to add it in because the self-care practices lay a great foundation for self-love.

Ultimate Self-Love Workbook for Teen Girls

Here's another self-love journal whose subtitle says it all, "Build Confidence, Release Self-Doubt, and Embrace Who You Are."

I love the prompts in this journal! They go beyond the surface and guide journalers in getting to know themselves on a more intimate level.

A Year of Self-Love Journal

This journal created by my good friend Michelle from DivasWithAPurpose.com would make the perfect daily self-love journal.

The Self Discovery Journal

Self-Love Workbook for Black Women

Empowering Exercises to Build Self-Compassion and Nurture Your True Self, and this journal does exactly that.

Hey Girl! Self-Love Workbook For Teen Girls

Uplift Your Daughter and Help Her Develop Confidence, Overcome Insecurities, Embrace Mindfulness & Cope with the Challenges of Being a Teenager. Uh, sold!

Just as lovely as the journal this author and illustrator made for teens, this journal digs deep to inspire and transform.

Hey Girl! Self-Love Journal for Women

If so, you'll love this decadent self-care spiral journal. It's a little pricier than the other journals, but you deserve the extra sparkle!

Self Care & Wellness Journal for Women

A simple, yet powerful self-love workbook, you'll get an opportunity to appreciate yourself with interesting writing prompts and exercises.

The Ultimate Self-Love Workbook for Women