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Tween Christmas Gift Ideas 2023

tween gift ideas

Tween gift ideas are notoriously difficult to come up with.

It’s not their fault. They’re in a period of major development, so what they like changes from day to day.

At this point, when it’s time to give gifts, I ask my 12-year-old what she’d like to receive.

It’s fun to discover what the kids are into at the moment. 

Like, did you know disposable cameras are back? And they cost nearly $25!

What are some good tween gift ideas for 2021?

Okay, so what are the young folks into these days? 

Basically, they’re into all of the stuff we were into when we were kids. 

Everything old is new again, and I swear I feel like I’m in a Twilight Zone episode where I came back as an adult to relive the 90s. 

Oh, and then on the flip side, they are also into the futuristic type of things we read about decades ago!

Tween Christmas Gift Ideas for 2021

What are you going to get your 10, 11, or 12-year-old for Christmas? It's the age that kids are at their most interesting---and most difficult to shop for. No worries, I've got you covered with some great ideas!

Here are some other tween gift ideas.

A few other things they like (according to my daughter and her friends):

  • Clothes. Baggy jeans, long sweatshirts, cropped tops, vintage tees. Oh, and of course, anything that was worn in the 90’s. 
  • Shoes. Jordans. Airmax. Converse. Vans. Doc Martens. Again, 90s. 
  • Technology. Telephones. Smart watches. PS5 (good luck with that). Oculus or other VR gear.
  • Experiences. Overseas travel. Epic RV road trip. Concerts. 
  • Passions. Guitar or ukelele. Outschool class. Acting class. Plants.
  • Self care. Acupuncture. Personalized skincare (like Curology). Spa day. Yes, these gift ideas are for tweens. 

tween gift ideas

Tweens are different these days. 

One thing about 21st century tweens is that they are much more mature than many of the past generations.

They have more information to care about things like the environment, society, and themselves. 

When you’re thinking about what gift to get your young adult, keep those things in mind.

Most kids these days aren’t impressed by dozens of presents under the tree like we used to have back in the day. 

Make sure you aren’t going overboard with buying a bunch of things for kids who aren’t into all of that.

tween gift ideas