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Tips For New Runners From @NewBalance

Tips For New Runners

It’s been a week, and I still haven’t lost the high that I have from the Disney Social Media Moms Fun Run that I participated in last Sunday. I am going to keep running. I don’t dream of completing a marathon or anything like that. I’ll be honest; I just want to be fit and healthy. Running is the most inexpensive, low commitment ways of doing both of those things. One of the biggest perks of the Fun Run (besides the running through an empty Disneyland) was New Balance’s sponsorship. They fit all of the runners for new sneakers, and the morning of the run, led us in a short, but incredibly helpful running clinic.

The Shoes

Before you start running, it’s important that you get a good pair of running shoes. The shoes that I had been using were great for Zumba, but my feet would always hurt after a long walk or short run. When the New Balance team fit me for new sneakers, I realized that my shoes were 1/2 size too small, and not appropriate for running on the road. They equipped me with a pair of NEW BALANCE 860V4, and my run last week was much better than any that I’d had since my college days. Just for kicks (excuse the pun!), I went to New Balance’s website and used the “Find Your Perfect Running Shoe” tool to see if the running shoes I selected at Disneyland were the right choice. I was pleasantly surprised when my shoes popped up after answering 4 questions about my demographic/needs. You know what that means, right? No excuses!

Find Your Perfect Running Shoe

Good Form

New Balance has partnered with Good Form Running to help make running less painful and more enjoyable. The Good Form clinic that was presented to us definitely did that for me. When I ran before, I would clench my fists super tight, and lead with my head, thinking I was making more progress doing that. I was completely wrong. Here’s the cliff notes of what I learned in the Good Form Clinic. You can get more Good Form support on the New Balance website (complete with videos).

Step 1: Posture
Proper posture is the critical first step toward improved running form – one that sets the stage for more-efficient movement.

Step 2: Midfoot
Landing on the midfoot, rather than the ankle, not only reduces impact on the knee – a common source of pain and injury – but also works with the other principles to encourage forward momentum for the body.

Step 3: Cadence
For many people making the transition, aiming for a cadence of 180 steps per minute (or 3 per second) is the element which requires the most work.

Step 4: Lean
Rather than over-striding or reaching with the feet, Good Form Running utilizes a forward lean to propel the body forward. – New Balance 

Go Run

Once I had the proper shoes and the tips on being a better runner, there was nothing left to do but to run. At first I thought it was crazy to do a workshop at 5:30 AM before a 2 mile run, but afterwards, I appreciated it tremendously. I had everything I needed to go and run, and no time to chicken out! That’s where I’m at now. I have all of the tools that I need to get active and go running. All that’s left is to get out and go!

Disclosure: I received a pair of running shoes from New Balance as a participant in the Disney Social Media Moms Fun Run. I was not required to post, but felt the subject and the brand worthy. All opinions are my own. Good Fit tips are  from the New Balance website. Please be sure you check with your doctor before starting any running routine.