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Time to Finish

Don’t you just love when you have a great idea for a project? Maybe it’s an idea for a post, or a cool craft. It might be a DIY project or, heck, if you’re me, it might be the grand idea that you will wear “grown-up” clothes everyday for a week. At the beginning, you’re pumped. You pull out everything you need to execute your idea. You let people know about it. You post about your idea on Facebook and Twitter. This project is going to be your breakthrough project! This year is going to be your year…all because of this one idea!

And then, the first week is over. The first chapter of your opus novel is written. The handmade, organic lotion you made doesn’t smell quite so sweet, and folks are asking when you’re going to bake more bread. But you can’t finish. Not right now anyway. You don’t have the time. Your child needs you. Your partner needs you. Life needs you. You take all of the tools that you bought (Cricut, waffle maker, super special writer’s notebook, whatever) and put them away until you have enough time to pick them up and finish what you’ve started.

I think you know where I’m going here.

Yesterday, when I was mulling over ways to be innovative, I realized that I already have a head start. I went through my “Needs To Be Finished” files, neatly labeled file folders that hold my unfinished plays, poems, and articles, and started looking at what I’d created. I was blown away. Like, really. There was one poem there, that, had my name not been on it, I wouldn’t believe that I had written! There was a play in there, melodic and sensual, that, although I hadn’t forgot about it, I did forget how good it was!

I’m a writer, y’all. And a good one! And so, I did what any normal writer would do when they realize that they have talent. I started beating myself up. “I never finish anything”. “Maybe this is just supposed to be a hobby.” “No one will want to read this when it’s done anyway.”

Then I stopped. Because I was wrong. I mean, look at this blog. Over 400 posts. Hundreds of thoughful comments. My life, my love, my passion on display. And no, it’s not “finished”, but I’m doing it. I make the time for it.

I took 3 of my unfinished pieces out of the folders that hide them away, and hung them up so that I can see them and remember to work on them everyday. I’m a writer, y’all. A good one. And it’s time to finish some of what I started.

Do you have anything that you have started that you need/want/will complete? What is it?