This Christmas, Check Out “Roaming Reindeer”

Roaming Reindeer 2

Finding a good Christmas book is always fun. Don’t you just love discovering new stories to add to your holiday collection each year? If so, you’ll definitely want to check out Roaming Reindeer by Angela Meju. Not just a book, it’s a fun tradition that encourages positive behavior all season long thanks to 2 adorable little reindeer, Reindeer 1 and Reindeer 2. Here’s more about the book from the author:

Roaming Reindeer is a story about two of Santa’s reindeer, Gus and Sam, who see that Santa is overwhelmed with the naughty and nice lists for Christmas. They decide to help Santa by visiting girls and boys. Sam is saddened and runs away whenever he sees someone being naughty. Gus and Sam decide to work together, side by side, to visit each home. Whenever Sam runs away, he should report to Santa, while Gus sticks around to keep watch. When they run out of time to visit all of the rest of the children, the two reindeer decide to enlist their friends in pairs of two to help. They create a system for Reindeer 1 disappear to report to Santa about behavior, while Reindeer 2 sticks around. All of the reindeer leave on Christmas Eve to help Santa deliver the gifts.

Roaming Reindeer 3

Roaming Reindeer 1

Although this is Ms. Meju’s first book, she has put incredible thought and care into making sure Roaming Reindeer is meaningful for families. She had a very good reason for including the 2 plush reindeer with the book:

We’ve tried other Christmas book traditions in our home and felt that they didn’t exactly cater to our schedules, and didn’t reinforce any positive behavior for children. I know that children tend to be visual learners, so I wanted to create cute, lovable reindeer who were visually identified as being together as a pair. Children associate 1 and 2 together, so if Reindeer 1 has disappeared, it is more of a visual reminder that the two aren’t together. I think that this allows children to be consciously aware of their behavior, while also teaching them about cause and effect. For children with siblings, it is a great tool for working together.

The book has gorgeous pictures and comes packaged in a sturdy, attractive box that holds the reindeer as well. It’d make a really nice family gift for any of your friends with children, and you can get $5.00 off the regular price of the book ($32.95) with the code ROAM2014 from now until November 27th.

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Ayva loved that the book rhymed, and I loved the depth of emotion shown by the reindeer. Those are some really sensitive guys! I can dig it! Ha! I’m excited to include Roaming Reindeer in our Christmas tradition, and I think you’re family would enjoy it, too.

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