Third Grade / Nerd Grade

Multiplication. Division. Cursive Writing.

Third grade is when the transition from helping kids get used to being in school to making sure they actually learn something in school happens.

Ayva just finished up the first week. Although there hasn’t been any homework so far, it’s coming. She’ll be doing choir and Girl Scouts again this year, and we added 2 hours of musical theater twice a week, so Ayva is going to be busy, busy, busy.

I’ve always been against packing kid’s days with activities and responsibilities. They need down time to be able to come up with ideas, discover who they are, and rest. Ayva’s schedule has been light over the last  few years. She did some extracurriculars here and there, but nothing that really pushed her out of her comfort zone. Since she’s always singing and dancing, a musical theater program was the perfect fit.

She’s ready to be challenged.

She needs to be challenged.

Third grade will definitely be nerd grade. Ayva’s going to have to work harder in school to master her new subjects. She will need to practice everything she learns in musical theater even outside of class, and she’ll have to start going over her music theory for choir more often.  We had a talk about all that she has to do, and she’s says that she’s ready.

We sat down and made a schedule for her morning and evening routines and made a plan to meet every Monday to go over our schedule. This week was a trial run and she forgot to look over her list and do just about everything every single day so far.

It’s okay. She’ll get it. We have all of third grade to figure all of this out.

Let’s go, Nerd Grade!

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