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Ayva Found Her Style With The Patchery

the patchery

Finding cute clothes for Ayva has been one of my favorite things to do since even before she was born. Is there anything better than dressing up a little girl? I mean, really! I wasn’t alone, though. All of my friends with young daughters had become amateur stylists as well, and we often found ourselves on playdates with kiddos that were dressed exactly alike. It was funny and cute, and we really didn’t mind at all. Now that Ayva’s older, and she wears a uniform to school every day, she’s not trying to dress like other girls, though. She has a quirky and fun personality, and likes outfits to match. That’s why we’re super excited that she is an ambassador for The Patchery!

The Patchery is custom made kids clothing that you design! Ayva picked out everything from the design to the fabric of her outfits, and our friends at The Patchery made it and sent it to us. You just choose your style and fabric at The Patchery website then place your order. Their team cuts the fabric, sews it and double checks to make sure everything looks great. The pieces are then shipped to you in a sweet little fabric bag in about 3 – 4 weeks.

Even though it was tempting to hinder Ayva’s creativity and make her stick with one or two fabrics, I let her go for it when we were designing her outfits. Fortunately, The Patchery gives you a fabric palette that’s colorful and interesting and they all work together. Ayva’s outfit turned out super adorable and totally represents her personality!

Do you want to give The Patchery a try? Use the code MamaKnows15 for 15% off of your total order!

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