The Unexpected Perks Of Being Married

The Unexpected Perks of Marriage

The Unexpected Perks of Marriage

When I said “I Do” to Terrence nearly a year ago, it was one of the best days of my life. It’s like that for most people, though, right? We get married because we love each other, and we know that from that day forward, we’ll have a partner to go through life with. Those are things that we expect, though. What about the little surprises that come with marriage that we don’t know about. The perks. Over the last year, I’ve discoved a bunch of them. I wonder why no one told me about them before we got married, but I’m starting to think that married folks keep them a secret so as to not make other single people jealous. I can tell you, if I would have known about these perks before I got married, I would have gotten married a long time ago! (Kidding! LOL!)

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The Unexpected Perks Of Marriage

1. You no longer have to do chores you hate.

I don’t love washing dishes, but I don’t mind it. I HATE doing laundry. Fortunately, one of the perks of marriage is that you get to divide up the chores. Guess who does the laundry? That’s right, when you get married, it’s totally okay to give the tasks that you despise the most to your spouse to do! Keep in mind, they will reciprocate, so make sure you pick your chores wisely.

2. You don’t have to waste food you don’t finish anymore. Your husband will eat it!

One of the cooler perks of marriage that may not be a huge deal to some folks, but I think it’s pretty fantastic, is that I don’t have to throw food away anymore when I don’t finish a meal. If we’re out to dinner and I don’t eat everything on my plate, my husband will graciously finish it up for me. That goes for wine as well (not that I need his help finishing that up as often!). He does have standards, though, so I make sure to only order things that I know he won’t mind helping me eat.

3. You have a built in excuse.

Before I got married, I was a total people-pleaser and Yes Girl. I often put myself in bad predicaments but agreeing to do things before thinking about it. Terrence and I talked about that before we were married, and I agreed to run things by him before I said yes to anything that was going to take time, energy, or finances away from the family. It’s a great excuse when I don’t want to do something to have to say, “Oh, my husband really wants me to stay home on that night…”. I should just be strong enough to say no on my own, though, right? Well, I don’t wanna. I’d just rather use my handsome built in excuse! It’s way less stressful.

4. You get a closet full of  comfy, oversized clothes to wear.

Oh my goodness, Terrence has the best sweaters! He doesn’t understand why I love to wear his cardigans rather than my own, but it’s because they’re so comfortable! The fact that they’re big on me allows me to wrap up with them, and feel like I’m lounging in the bed when I wear them. Go in your husband’s closet now and see what you can wear. You’re his wife! It’s one of the perks!

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5. You are able to find reasons to laugh at any moment.

The other night, I read from a list of ingredients from a delicious treat I was eating. One of the things included in the candy was, “nutmeat”. If that doesn’t make you laugh, it’s okay. I knew my husband would get a kick out if, and that’s all that matters! When you get married, you and your spouse spend so much time together that you really get to know what is going to crack each other up. Sometimes, you don’t even have to say a word! Isn’t that awesome???

6. You can go dutch on dates and it doesn’t feel tacky.

Even though all of the money basically comes from the same pot, there’s something that feels less spendy when you can go out to eat and split the bill. Oh, my husband doesn’t mind paying for me at all, but sometimes going dutch means the difference between him paying for us, and getting burgers, or us paying for ourselves and having steak!

7. You have a live in assistant, tester, protype, etc.

About a week ago I decided that I needed to practice reading books (aside from ones for Ayva) aloud. I can’t remember what my motive around that was, but all I know is Terrence has been an fantastic listener as I read paragraphs from my book about the history of a local candy company. I’m completely riveted by the book. Terrence, well, he’s my husband. Listening is part of the job, and totally one of the perks of being married to me! Ha!

This marriage gig is working out pretty well, I tell you! I’m looking forward to more of the unexpected perks, and would love to hear if there were any perks that you discovered that I should look out for!


11 responses to “The Unexpected Perks Of Being Married”

  1. Janeane Davis Avatar
    Janeane Davis

    One of the perks I like best about marriage didn’t come until I had been married for years and had children. That perk – someone else is always there to take over the kids when you just need a break, a bath or a breather!

    1. BrandiJeter Avatar

      Oh gosh, yes! I totally forgot about that, Janeane! That’s a BIG one!!!

  2. Sharon Avatar

    Congratulations on the almost 1 year!!! And yes – there are perks! for sure! I’m 20 years into this (and 3 months+) and I have to say this is the best thing in the world! You forgot about the perk of having someone know you so well, that they can listen to your voice and know whether they need to buy the big bag of M&M’s on the way home or if you can get by with the personal size 🙂

    1. BrandiJeter Avatar

      Thank you, Sharon! Oh wow…that is a GREAT perk! We’re getting there, too! He knows I need M&Ms, just not what size, yet! Ha! <3

  3. Arelis Cintron Avatar

    Happy one year anniversary! I can’t believe how fast that came! I don’t have any perks yet but I hope to start adding to your list in november! I can say that one of the perks of being engaged is that my future husband knows what I can and cannot handle. He shares the load of the good things that happen in this life and the unexpected ones that can drive you nutty. He helps keep me sane when he’s not driving me crazy himself LOL

  4. Cathy Avatar

    My husband is tall, 6’4″, so I no longer have to climb on the countertops to get something out of the top of the upper kitchen cabinets. I just say I need him to do something for me (men love this!) and he comes right over. Plus, it’s handy when we’re grocery shopping and something is on the top shelf. Anything that’s above my reach (I’m 5’1″). Sweet!

  5. Olivia Avatar

    Um… these are all perks of living together. These perks are not exclusive to marriage.

  6. MB Avatar

    3, 4, 5 and 7! I totally agree! Another awesome post!

  7. Elizabeth Avatar

    After being married for nearly 40 years I can say that one thing that’s great is after the kids grow up and move out you get to go back to enjoying silly times. There are so many times now my husband and I end up giggling like drunk monkeys and we don’t have to worry about our kids telling us we’re being strange! I LOVE our giggling over nothing moments!

    1. brandijeter Avatar

      Aww! I love hearing this! I appreciate you sharing this with me as a newbie!!! FORTY YEARS…God bless you and your husband!

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