The Most Important Sights Of The Season

The Most Important Sight Of The Season - Mama Knows It All

Last night, Ayva wrote a letter to her Christmas elf and asked him to come soon. I was so busy trying to finish up a deadline that I really didn’t even look up when she read the letter to me. After she had gone to bed, I picked up her note while tidying up. It was perfect. She had sounded all of the words out, and while a couple were misspelled, she did her best, and it was such a sweet, earnest attempt. Unfortunately, I totally missed the chance to really congratulate her, to talk about how smart it was that she wrote the note, to give her a hug and take a few seconds to hang the letter up for the elf to find it.

Not again. I’m not doing that again. You know, this season is for family. I say that all the time. I write about it. I know it to be true. If I can’t even stop working for a few minutes to really see, really take in the thing that makes the holidays special, then something has to give. So, I have a new schedule (yes, again). I’m hustling while Ayva’s at school, or times like now when she’s not at home, and when she’s here, my eyes are on her.

What I’m talking about is deeper than unplugging. It’s about being wholly present with my child. Mind cleared and eyes open. I want to see everything this holiday season. And I want Ayva to see me seeing, and feel me seeing, and know that I’m focused and there with her. There’s no other gift I can give her that would be better.

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