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The Many Blessings of 2012

So, this family happened in 2012.

This year was simply bananas. I mean, there is no way I could have predicted the adventures that I had in 2012. Who knew back on December 31st of 2011 that Ayva and I would have relocated from Philadelphia to California? There was no hint that a new career would be waiting in the wings, and I’d love it more than I could imagine. I had no clue that I would meet new people who would become new friends, who would become GREAT friends this year.

While the year wasn’t without trials, I feel like even the hard parts served a purpose to make me stronger, more humble, and less dependent on myself. My challenging times this year also helped me to put the rest of the world into perspective, and to be more aware of the help that I can be to others in need. All in all, it was a very, very good year.

More than anything this year, I really feel like I am learning to channel my past hurt and pain into something productive for myself, and for others. I feel like I was able to find some closure to some things that had been holding me back, and I’m starting to feel real effects of healing in areas of my life where I’d been broken.

My heart is opening up. I am blooming.

I’m not going to leave you with a list of the many blessings of this year (because I did that on my birthday!), but I do want to share a song that sums up what I’m feeling as we move forward into 2013. Happy New Year, y’all!!