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The Making of a Mini Dress

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Remember last month when I told y’all that Ayva is an ambassador for The Patchery? Well homegirl is back at it again with a super fly, custom made mini dress! Can I tell you, though, that this didn’t start off as a dress. When Ayva designed this piece on The Patchery website, I thought that it would be a tunic that she could wear over pants or tights. She did that…once. Then she decided that this was a dress. Listen, Ayva has been trying to wear mini dresses her whole entire life. Now that she’s 6 and has her own sense of style, I have decided that this is not a battle that I feel like fighting anymore. Thus, the tunic she designed became a dress, she threw some shorts underneath, long red (?) socks, boots, and even I had to admit that the dress did look super cute! 

Do you have a fashionista at home that loves putting together outfits? How about a budding fashion designer? You’ll definitely want to check out The Patchery. If you can recall from my last post, you design your own outfits with The Patchery. You choose your style and fabric on the website, and the folks at The Patchery will cut, sew, and ship your outfit to you in about 3 – 4 weeks. It’s so easy that Ayva designed this dress all by herself!

So, yes. We’re at the mini dress stage. In the first grade. Pray for me, y’all!

Do you want to give The Patchery a try? Use the code MamaKnows15 for 15% off of your total order!

Check out The Patchery on Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram, too! They’re always sharing cool designs that you can use for inspiration!

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