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The Luckiest Girl In The World

Ayva and Dad

Gonna just warn you. This post is going to be sappy. I feel like after some of the brokenheartedness that I’ve dealt with in my life, though, I’ve earned moments where I can just wax poetic about how lovely things are.

Terrence + Ayva = I’m the luckiest girl in the world

Y’all, as I sit in New York City, away from my family, I can’t help but reflect on how different life would be if the two of them weren’t in my world. I probably wouldn’t even be here if it wasn’t for them. I’ve talked a lot about how Ayva and her being born basically saved me. Well, Terrence is a big part of what’s keeping me going.  I think about where I was 2 years ago at this exact time, and HONEY….Please understand that I give all honor to God, but He is WORKING through them, I tell you!

The last few weeks have been challenging for me. There’s been lots of anxiety, and tons of frustration and hurt feelings from the past coming up. Through all of that, though, Terrence and Ayva have consistently been able to remind me of what’s important, and really make me smile. They mean everything to me, and I’m so blessed to have been chosen for them.

I want to encourage you, Mamas, to take a few minutes to shout out your husband / partner, and your children. Don’t just do it on social media or on your blog. Send your guy a text message and let him know how much you appreciate him. Give your little one a hug and thank them for being so amazing. Get on your knees and thank God for the blessing of family. Every day, the magnitude of this gift is shown to me more and more, and I’m so, so grateful. 🙂

Ted Rubin

Saturday 28th of June 2014

Hear, hear... cannot express here how much I agree and how important this is in our lives. I would give anything to have it every day with my girls like you do Brandi, and I stand available to them always for the 'moments" I am given. Make it a great weekend :-)

Mandi Buckner

Friday 27th of June 2014

I know you miss them! It's amazing that you can do what you love and they are your biggest cheerleaders instead of your work being seen as a burden. I had this same feeling this morning of just being extremely blessed by my husband and children. I didn't work today. I stayed in bed and my daughter and I snuggled and watched Tinkerbell. Thank you for this reminder to not just admire the roses, but take the time to stop and smell them.