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The Kayapo Tribe & Energy Independence


photo credit: Neil Osborne

Can you imagine living without light? It’d be pretty tough right. It’s easy to forget, especially around this time of year, when there are lights twinkling and glowing everywhere, that the resources that work to provide us with our beloved light are, in fact, finite. We have to conserve and be responsible in order to be able to sustain a society where Christmas lights are the norm.

The indigenous people in the Kayapo tribe in the Brazilian Amazon rainforest understand sustainable living. Every day, they protect an area of the rainforest that is the size of Virginia from loggers, ranchers and miners who want to cut down trees and eviscerate their home. The Kayapo tribe have been able to create an independent life where they coexist with the environment, and because of that, their lives are truly free.

PURE Energies wants homeowners to live a free life, too. They are teaching folks how to take control of their energy bill and giving them energy options. Recently, a team from PURE including CEO, Zbigniew Barwicz led by the International Conservation Fund of Canada traveled to the Brazilian Amazon to live among the Kayapo tribe for 2 weeks. The group explored the Amazon with their hosts, as well as donated lights and provided financial support to the tribe. As a company that promotes and supports energy independence, they wanted to experience the truest form of independence, and bring back what they learned to homeowners of America.

Kayapo 4

photo credit: Neil Osborne

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photo credit: Neil Osborne

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photo credit: Neil Osborne

It’s fascinating to see how other societies function differently than ours, and it’s incredibly awesome to learn about a community that is thriving despite not being completely beholden to traditional energy sources. See more about this amazing, eye-opening trip that the PURE Energies team took to the Brazilian Amazon rainforest, and be inspired. Learn more about PURE Energies.

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