The Hi-Low Dress: How Little Girls Can Wear It

How To Style A Hi-Low Dress For Little Girls

Ayva would like to thank The Children’s Place for providing a gift card to check out a fun fashion trend!

How To Style A Hi-Low Dress For Little Girls

Ayva goes to a school where she has to wear a uniform every day, and frankly, that was something that kind of made me nervous when we were deciding where to enroll her. How would she get to express herself through fashion if she’s wearing the same plaid jumper every day? Fortunately that fear went away really quickly when I realized a great education trumps variety in clothing options. Also? We always have the weekend! Whoo hoo! Weekends are definitely Ayva’s time to get creative with her clothes, and she doesn’t waste it on boring outfits. We went to The Children’s Place recently and I told Ayva she could get whatever she wanted. She picked out a blue and pink hi-low floral dress.  Obviously.

The hi-low dress is a trend that’s been around for a little while, but The Children’s Place has updated it with bright colors and bold patterns. Styling a hi-low dress isn’t incredibly easy, though. You have to do it just right or it can end up looking a bit like a nightgown. Interested in having your little girl try out the hi-low dress trend? Here are some tips:

1. Add structure.

Hi-low dresses are super comfortable, but without some sort of structure, they can look too comfortable. Like, night night comfortable. No one wants that. Adding a belt is an easy way to pull everything together. You can also add a short jacket or shrug for the same results. The dress that Ayva is wearing in these pictures came with a braided neon pink belt which is really the thing that made her fall in love with the dress in the first place.

2. Accessorize.

Again, you want to avoid anyone thinking your daughter is outside in her nightgown, and accessories definitely mean, “I’m supposed to be wearing this.” Ayva picked out a jeweled flower headband from The Children’s Place. Not only did she get the pop of color to call out the pink in her dress, but she also got sparkles. And everybody knows that sparkles rule. A long necklace or scarf are also good ways to accessorize a hi-low dress.

3. Wear boots.

Finding the right shoes to wear with a hi-low dress can be a challenge, but Ayva definitely got it right. Boots are perfect for pairing with hi-low dresses because they add flavor and bring balance to the dual lengths of the dress. Besides, why wear flats when you can funk up an outfit with boots?

The Children’s Place has even more hi-low dresses to check out. Take a look and let me know which one is your favorite!

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