The Grooviest Night Of My Life

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I wasn’t one of those girls who spent her childhood planning a wedding. I don’t remember ever pretending to be a bride, a white sheet on my head like a veil, eager to grow up so that I could be a real life bride. Weddings were, eh, I could take ’em or leave ’em. That is, of course, until my man proposed. Oh, then it was on! All of a sudden, I started to care very much about weddings and couldn’t wait to start planning my own. It wasn’t even about the white dress, the cake, or the flowers, though. I realized that our wedding would be an opportunity to bring our friends and families together to celebrate, not just the union of my husband and me, but that of all of us.

It was the best night of my life.

First of all, the ceremony was beautiful. My husband was so sweet and amazing, my bridesmaids were beautiful, and all of our guests were on time. On top of that, the weather was just right, and the sun had started to set enough to make it feel like we were in a fairytale. Our pastor spoke about love and what it meant to be married, and my heart filled up as I listened, feeling so blessed that I was marrying the person who was made for me. We sealed the deal with a kiss, and I felt like I was floating on a cloud. Everything was perfect. Until we got to the dancing part of the reception.

Then things got epic.

grooviest night 2

We had so much fun! After the first dance, the dj turned on the “Cha-Cha Slide” (or “Cupid Shuffle”, or some other line dance), and all of our guests got on the floor and started jamming! There were kids jumping around, folks singing along at the top of their voices, and guys who had loosened up their ties and taken off their jackets so they could really get into it. When my bridesmaids started taking off their heels and putting on flip flops, I felt like things were going pretty good. When my mom and mother-in-law started battling it out on the dance floor, I knew for sure our wedding was a success!

Even though I didn’t grow up fantasizing about my dream wedding, I was blessed enough to have one anyway. My wedding was the first time I met a lot of my husband’s friends, and his first time meeting much of my family, including my stepmother who passed away a few months afterwards. We are so grateful that we had the chance to bring everyone together to laugh, create memories, and yes, to dance!

grooviest night 3

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62 responses to “The Grooviest Night Of My Life”

  1. Margaret Smith Avatar
    Margaret Smith

    Dancing to Disco. Seriously, I really enjoyed this years ago.

  2. Brittney House Avatar
    Brittney House

    My favorite memory was when I had my first dance recital. I was so nervous but once I got the hang of it, I was addicted.

  3. Danielle D Avatar
    Danielle D

    watching it on tv

  4. Richard Hicks Avatar
    Richard Hicks

    Cant say that I have any specific ones. I used to really love going to the bar when Whitney Houston was at her peak and dancing to I want to dance with somebody.

  5. Adrienne gordon Avatar
    Adrienne gordon

    Dancing with my Dad at my wedding.

  6. Crystal F Avatar
    Crystal F

    My hubby taking me dancing when we were just dating. Thank you!

  7. Cynthia C Avatar
    Cynthia C

    I have nice memories of traveling with a professional dance troupe when I was young.

  8. Ashley C Avatar
    Ashley C

    the “first dance” with my sweet DH at my wedding. It was really a special and magical moment

  9. Mary Happymommy Avatar
    Mary Happymommy

    I remember dancing with my husband at nightclubs when we were dating 20 years ago.

  10. Julie Wood Avatar
    Julie Wood

    My favorite time dancing is when I danced at my wedding with my husband and then I danced with my Dad after. It was magical!

  11. Stephanie Avatar

    i used to dance when i was a kid

  12. nickie Avatar

    Dancing with my husband at school event.

  13. Tara Avatar

    I used to tap dance as a child. I remember one outfit I wore that was bright green and ruffled!

  14. Sandy Klocinski Avatar

    My favorite dance memory was when my daughter was tap dancing. She would use her tap shoes through out the house. She was about 6-7 years old and now that she is 40 years old I wish for those days back. To hear her tap dance once more would be wonderful.

  15. Natalie Avatar

    I remember taking tap dance class as a kid. My mom made my outfit/costume!

  16. steve weber Avatar
    steve weber

    My favorite is having dance parties in the rain when I was younger.

  17. Betsy Barnes Avatar
    Betsy Barnes

    My favorite dance themed memory is my best friend in high school and I practicing all the disco dance moves from the movie, Saturday Night Fever, so we could really have a great time at our Senior Prom 🙂

  18. Geoff K Avatar
    Geoff K

    In college I took part in – and nearly won – a dance marathon that was a total blast from start to finish. I did it with all of my closest friends, and we had a great time trying to outlast each other. As the night went on, we got loopier and loopier, which just added to the whole experience!

  19. Denise S Avatar
    Denise S

    My favorite dance memory is dancing for the first time at a church camp party to Van Halen’s, Jump.

  20. harolde Avatar

    I remember my first dance, I think it was the 5th or 6th grade, I didn’t want to dance at first, but after I got on the dance floor, you couldn’t stop me.

  21. Kelly D Avatar
    Kelly D

    We danced to “We are Family” at a wedding.

  22. Lauren Avatar

    My favorite dance memory was with my now husband in college.

  23. Robin Avatar

    The first dance with my wife.

  24. Elena Avatar

    My first dance with my husband is my favorite memory

  25. heather s Avatar
    heather s

    Dancing with my friends at different clubs and just having fun

  26. beth shepherd Avatar
    beth shepherd

    My favorite memory was when I first danced with my husband. It was the electric slide. A classic. Great pics!

  27. Nicole Dziedzic Avatar
    Nicole Dziedzic

    My favorite memory of dancing is at my sisters wedding, it was pretty hilarious and fun watching my sister and her husband performing there made up dance and everyone joining in..

  28. kyl neusch Avatar
    kyl neusch

    friends at the clubs

  29. Nataly Carbonell Avatar
    Nataly Carbonell

    Dancing like no one was watching at my prom!

  30. Dawn Monroe Avatar
    Dawn Monroe

    My favorite dance memory is dancing with my grandpa at my wedding. He was very dapper and classy.

  31. Elle Avatar

    My favorite was dancing at wedding.

  32. Birdiebee Avatar

    My favorite dance-themed memory is when I was 5 years old. My cousin and I were in tap dancing recital with blue tutus and black shoes. This was the last time I saw my cousin.

  33. Stephanie Galbraith Avatar
    Stephanie Galbraith

    I remember going to a black and white ball in town with my fiance before we were engaged. It was wonderful.

  34. Tabathia B Avatar
    Tabathia B

    I remember trying to break dance after watching this movie called the pilot

  35. Thomas Murphy Avatar
    Thomas Murphy

    Dancing with my GF on a cruise we went on was fun!

  36. Melanie Montgomery Avatar
    Melanie Montgomery

    My first slow dnace with my husband.

  37. Heather Hayes Panjon Avatar
    Heather Hayes Panjon

    My Favorite Dance Themed Memory Is Dancing With My Nieces And Nephews!

  38. Madonna Avatar

    when I was growing up I had a friend who every weekend would gather all of us teenagers at her house for dancing. Just a lot of friends, food and dancing the night away. Good times

  39. GB Avatar

    My favorite was dancing with my sister when we were younger. We used to create different routine and have a blast.

  40. Erica B. Avatar
    Erica B.

    Dancing as a kid and loving it.

  41. Barbara Montag Avatar
    Barbara Montag

    My best memory – dancing with my boyfriend at my first prom.
    thank you

  42. joni Avatar

    I learned the Macarena on a pirate ship in Aruba.

  43. joe gersch Avatar
    joe gersch

    min eis the electric slide at weddings

  44. cynthia Dawson Avatar
    cynthia Dawson

    Dancing in the living room with my soon to be husband while he sang the love song in my ear!

  45. Francine Anchondo Avatar
    Francine Anchondo

    Dancing at my wedding with my dad and then my first dance with my husband.

  46. Ellie Wright Avatar
    Ellie Wright

    My favorite dance themed memory is my son going to homecoming dance. seeing him in a tuxedo teared me up. He looked so grown up.

  47. Peggy Rydzewski Avatar
    Peggy Rydzewski

    Watching american bandstand..!!!!

  48. Stephanie Larison Avatar
    Stephanie Larison

    I remember doing the macarena at a school dance, lol that was fun, not to mention a looong time ago!

  49. Theresa Smith Avatar
    Theresa Smith

    I tried it once and that was enough for me. I remember it well because my husband and I both tried it the first time. We did not do well so we never did it again.

  50. Mary Cloud Avatar
    Mary Cloud

    Going to Prom when I was in High School

  51. Vera Avatar

    My first dance with my husband at out wedding was my most memorable dance themed memory.

  52. Jodi Kershuk Avatar
    Jodi Kershuk

    My best dancing memory is the first time my husband and I danced together.

  53. Susan Christy Avatar
    Susan Christy

    Nonstop disco dancing every Friday and Saturday night in the 70’s.

  54. Sand Avatar

    I took dance classes all the time as a kid and I still remember some of the choreography. So, when I hear songs I danced to, I remember the steps in my head.

  55. Sarah L Avatar
    Sarah L

    I had a wonderful time at my senior prom.
    Thanks for the contest.

  56. Kate Newton Avatar

    I have really good memories of a dance routine we did in highschool. It was to ‘Genie In a Bottle’. It was so cool at the time..not so much anymore. haha. Thanks for the opportunity to win!

  57. K Johnson Avatar
    K Johnson

    The first dance with my husband at our wedding.

  58. Trisha McKee Avatar
    Trisha McKee

    Meeting my love at a club. Dancing all night.

  59. Stephanie Phelps Avatar
    Stephanie Phelps

    Dancing with my kids in the living room and how much fun we had

  60. Breanne Avatar

    My first dance with my husband.

  61. Susan Smith Avatar
    Susan Smith

    Dancing with my husband at our wedding is my favorite memory

  62. Kimberly Hilbert Avatar

    My favorite dance themed memory is dancing with kids in physical therapy. So much fun!

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