The Big Bad Wolf Goes On Vacation

The thing that I love the most about summer is the extra time to read great books. I’m primarily a non-fiction gal, but when the weather warms up, and the days are longer, I’m inspired to try something a little lighter and more fun. Now that Ayva is getting older, she and I are exploring new books together, and we have already started the summer season off with a bang. The first new book that we read together was “The Big Bad Wolf Goes On Vacation” by Delphine Perrret.

The Big Bad Wolf is actually not as bad as he’d like to believe, but he sure is a great friend to his buddy Louis! Such a good friend, in fact, that Louis decides to ask his Grandpa if The Big Bad Wolf could join them on a trip to the beach. Grandpa says yes, and the book documents their fun drive to the beach. Ayva and I enjoyed the simple, yet detailed pictures, and she giggled out loud several time. Her biggest laugh came when the trio stops for The Big Bad Wolf to stretch his legs in the woods, and he offers to get them a snack. After assuring them that he’s used to being in the wild, he disappears inside the trees. When he emerges with cookies from a vending machine that was on the other side of the forest, Ayva and I cracked up! The silly in the book is subtle, and is perfect for a few laughs before bedtime without being overstimulating!

I read this graphic novel-esque book written by French author-illustrator Delphine Perret to Ayva in one sitting. It’s broken down into short chapters, though, so it would really be a fantastic read alone book for a 2nd or 3rd grader. Perret did an amazing job infusing “The Big Bad Wolf Goes On Vacation” with a summer spirt. This is the kind of book that would be a wonderful addition to a summer reading list. And of course, if you’re headed to the beach, take this along!

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