Take Care Kits For Kind Women

I’m repaying kindness shown to me with  Kleenex® Brand products as part of a sponsored post for Socialstars #KleenexCare

Kleenex Cares, #KleenexCares

Making friends has never been easy for me. As much as I love people, I’m still very much an introvert. When other folks are hanging out and bonding, it’s likely that I’m home by myself. However, everywhere I go, there’s always a few people who just won’t let that happen. They refuse to let me be antisocial, and even while I’m kicking and screaming as they pull me out of myself, I always end up feeling grateful for their efforts.

The women leaders at my church are like that. Incredibly sweet and loving, one of them always notices if someone needs a little extra encouragement to get involved. Since the first day I started attending the church, I’ve been embraced as a sister. Their kindness has meant everything to me. As a single mom living across the country from my entire family, I needed them desperately when I first moved to California. From advice to fellowship, and really, just plain friendship, these women have really been there for me for the last couple of years.

I wanted to do something to acknowledge the kindness that Mary (my mother-in-law), Sugar, Josie, Baniah, Ann, and Kim have shown me. It’s not they expect it. They have hearts to serve, which makes this surprise even more fun to put together. I thought about how they are always taking care of others around them. Thanks to some help from Kleenex® Brand, I made Take Care Kits so that these lovely women can spend a little time tending to themselves. When I think about Kleenex brand, I think about caring for others. I mean, it’s the brand I purchase when the most important person in the world, my baby girl, isn’t feeling well. In addition to the stylish individual packs of Kleenex brand facial tissue, I also added lip balm, tea, chocolate and a handwritten note expressing my gratitude and love. I’m truly thankful for their friendship, and strive to be as sweet to others as they’ve been to me. I hope this token helps them to know how much I appreciate them.

kleenex cares 3

kleenex Cares 2

kleenex cares 4

You can join the “Share the Kleenex Care” movement.It’s so important to take care of those who take care of others. The encourager needs to be encouraged sometimes, you know. Not sure what to do? Start by sharing a Kleenex. It’s an easy way to show you care. That simple act can inspire others, and the next thing you know, it’s a Caravan of Care!  How can you show kindness to others?

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  1. Arelis Cintron Avatar

    It is a great thing to give back to those who have given to you. You are blessed to have found a group of women, especially being so far from home. I’m sure it was a treat for them to get that thoughtful gift from you. I love Kleenex and I stock up on it when its on sale.

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