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Building Your Daughter’s Self-Esteem

I worked with tween girls for years before I ever became a mom and started building my own daughter’s self-esteem. That age, right around 9 and 10 is such a critical time in a girl’s life. Up until that age, life is easy.  Everybody plays together. Nobody really cares what other kids are wearing or …

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How To Help Your Distracted Teen Focus

I noticed that my daughter was having a tough time concentrating and realized I needed to find ways to help my distracted teen focus. Because I’ve been diagnosed with ADHD, I was able to recognize signs that she needed a little more support from me. While my daughter hasn’t been assessed, I see some of …

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Best Water Bottles for School

Is it just me, or is carrying reusable water bottles to school a modern concept? I went to school in the late eighties, and early nineties, and don’t recall ever carrying a water bottle. This actually explains a lot because I was frequently exhausted. Looking back, I realize I was probably dehydrated! Thankfully, a water …

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