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Sweet’N Sour Whiskey Cocktail

A delicious whiskey cocktail is the perfect way to welcome autumn. Learn how to make one in this story sponsored by Sweet’N Low and Socialstars. #DontHesitaste
sweet and sour whiskey cocktail

Fall is officially here, but it’s still hard to tell here in our neck of the woods. While the rest of the country is overdosing on pumpkin spice everything, those of use here in Northern California are trying to stay cool. As is typical of our region, we’re currently going through our second phase of summer.

Not gonna lie. That kind of makes me angry.

I mean, seriously, Bay Area. Instead of those mild days at the beginning of June, you should have been hot! Then I wouldn’t be forced to figure out how to commemorate the changing season in a way that doesn’t include boots and chunky sweaters. As much as I love my new home on the West Coast, I’m still an East Coast girl at heart. I want my autumn stuff!

My husband, being the smart guy that he is, encouraged me to find my autumn in other ways. Me, being the cocktail loving gal that I am, decided to do just that. I found my autumn in a delicious Sweet & Sour Whiskey Cocktail. Made with zero calorie Sweet’N Low for sweetness, and lime juice for the sour, the whiskey in this drink is nice and toasty and reminds me of leaves changing colors, bright orange pumpkins, and the first day of fall. But with ice. Because it’s still hot in Northern California.

Really, y’all. Even you get the benefit of a true fall autumn, you still need to give this cocktail a try. Serve it with dried fruit and it’s the perfect end to an awesome summer.



-3 oz. whiskey

-2 teaspoons lime juice

-1 packet or 1 tsp. of Sweet’N Low

-ice cubes

-dried fruit for garnishing (I like mangos!)


Fill up a cocktail shaker 1/2 way with ice cubes. Add the whiskey, lime juice, and Sweet’N Low. Shake the drink for about 30 seconds and pour into a glass over ice. Garnish with dried fruit and enjoy!

sweet and sour whisky 2

sweet and sour cocktail 3

whiskey drink 5

sweet and sour whiskey 4

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