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How to Plan a Surprise Birthday Party

surprise birthday party

When I was growing up, I wanted nothing more than to walk into my house and find a surprise birthday party waiting for me.

Although I’m fortunate to have had plenty of celebrations, I’ve never had a surprise party.

My children can’t say the same. Perhaps it’s because of my lack of surprises that I’m obsessed with surprising my kids whenever I can.

That being said, surprise birthday parties are my fave!

Should you plan a surprise party?

I have to keep it real with y’all.

Planning a surprise birthday party isn’t exactly easy.

You’ll need to think about the guest list, venue, food, decorations, and coming up with an excuse to get your special person to their event without ruining the surprise.

The first thing to consider before any of that, though, is whether or not the guest of honor will like and appreciate a surprise birthday party.

If they are extra shy, or just aren’t in the mood for a lot of people, a surprise party might have the opposite reaction than the one you’re hoping for.

Please, before you shell out tons of cash on streamers and cupcakes, make sure the birthday human wants a surprise party.

After that, you’re going to need help.

Even if you are the HPPIC (Head-Party-Planner-In-Charge), you’ll need someone to help get you the guest of honor to the venue.

You’ll also have to force beg ask someone to help decorate, make food, handle all of the music and/or entertainment, and make sure the party is popping!
surprise birthday party

Surprise Birthday party ideas

Once you make the decision to move forward with planning a surprise birthday party,  the next thing to do is to determine what kind of party you’re going to have.

The perfect surprise party theme is going to depend on the guest of honor.

For example, if the person is a foodie, maybe you’ll plan a party with an amazing menu and drinks.

If they are more into music, then you might want a surprise party that has live music or a DJ.  

Some people may prefer a smaller, more intimate dinner or event than a big blow out party. 

Here are some surprise birthday party ideas that you can consider:

  1. Plan a scavenger hunt. Take your guest of honor on a hunt that ends up at the party.
  2. Take them out of town and have friends meet you at the rental house.
  3. Plan a big ta-da moment like having a relative who lives far away pop up.
  4. Host the event at an unexpected venue like the zoo or a local haunted house.
  5. Have different sets of guests come out at different times during the party. For example, have their school friends come out and then church friends, etc.

Excuses To Get the Guest of Honor To Their Surprise Party

How do you get the guest of honor to their surprise party?

It could be something as simple as sneaking everyone in while they’re upstairs getting dressed. 

Or it could be more elaborate like the scavenger hunt ideas above. 

If you’re throwing the surprise party for your own child, they might get a little suspicious with weak excuses, so you’ll have to make sure not to go to crazy with your made up story!

  • If they have regular practices or games, you could put a fake practice on the calendar and then go to the surprise party venue.
  • Tell them you have to pick something up for work.
  • Pretend that the family is invited to someone else’s party. 

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surprise birthday party