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Summer Hours: Better Than Unicorns

little girl in playground, preschooler

This is what my Friday afternoon looked like!

For the last 10 years, I’ve worked in a career where summer vacations did not exist. I worked in out of school time non-profits, which meant that when school was out, I was working all across the city with youths from kindergarten to the 8th grade. The summers were hard, but fulfilling, and I started to get used to not having them off. When I had Ayva, I started to long for free time during the warmer months.

This summer, I have a totally new career, and, guess what, y’all? The company that I work for has summer hours! I had always heard of summer hours, but thought they were like unicorns. Lovely, mythical things that only existed in the mind of folks that truly believe. Well, I believe, honey, and summer hours exist! Even better, summer hours are here! Now! Every Friday, at around 12:30, I’m (pretty much) off for the weekend. How awesome is that? Summer hours started last week, but today was the first day that I actually signed off (pretty much), and enjoyed having a Friday afternoon free.

Ayva and I walked to the ice cream shop where we stopped and ate ice cream on chairs out front. Then we went to the playground where we timed each other doing ridiculous obstacle courses. Finally, we went to the library, where I didn’t feel rushed, and patiently told Ayva how to spell “Max & Ruby” as she searched  and pecked each letter on the library’s online catalog. As we headed home, conversing casually the entire way, I felt more energized than I’ve been in weeks. It felt good to chill.

So, this is my official notice that summer hours are here. If you need me on Fridays, after 12:30 PM PST…I’ll be at the playground. Or the  bowling alley. Or the zoo. Or…who knows? All I know is summer hours are here! They’re real, and they’re FABULOUS!

How does work change for you in the summer?