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Stuffing Stockings with Love #DisneyCFK

In my family, we believe that Christmas is primarily for the kids. Not the entire holiday, mind you, but the part about gifts. As adults, we have the means to get mostly everything we need, so when it comes to buying gifts, we focus on the children. This year, I was blessed to be able to purchase gifts, not just for my child, but for another little girl whose family is in need. Ayva and I made a stocking for the girl as part of the Champions for Kids Simple Service Project. Each month, Champions for Kids introduces a new project that will help kids, and this month it was stuffing stockings with fun Disney products.

The little girl that we stuffed a stocking for isn’t homeless, both mom and dad have jobs, but with the little girl just out of a surgery this week, things are a bit tight financially for the family. A lot of times, it’s families like this one that get left out when folks are in a giving mood. Families that are just barely making it, and could really benefit from some additional support and thoughtfulness. It’s awesome to know that my little family could be that support.

Purchasing the items to stuff the stocking for the little girl was also a great opportunity to teach Ayva about giving to others. When we first went to Walmart, I let her know that we were looking for items to make “Cami” a present. After I told her that, she only asked 1 time if we were getting something for her. When I reminded Ayva that we weren’t shopping for ourselves, but for our friend, she didn’t ask again, and started pointing out things that she thought “Cami” would like.

Last night, we stuffed the stocking, and I put it in the mail to “Cami” today. I’m looking forward to seeing her after she recovers after the holiday and finding out how she enjoyed her stocking! There will be a new Champions for Kids Simple Service Project next month, so check them out and see how you can get involved with helping making life better for a child!

*Disclosure – This shop has been compensated as part of a social shopper’s insight study by Collective Bias (#CBias). All opinions are my own.