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5 Habits To Stop Stressing About Time

Do you stress a lot about time? Find out about 5 habits that will help you stop in this sponsored post.

They say time waits for no man, but I think they really mean that time waits for no mom. Seriously, I just had a baby at the end of spring and already three months have flown by! In addition to taking care of an infant, my 8-year-old still needs me. I have work, church, and my husband to find time for. There just aren’t enough hours in the day.

Everything always works out, though. I don’t worry too much about how things are going to get done. I used to. The lady running around like a chicken with its head cut off, always late, and stressed about it? That was me. Having two children has made me more relaxed. I can only do what I can do.

There have been several times when I make a plan to leave the house at a certain time. Just when we’re all packed up and headed out the door, the baby needs his diaper changed. The other day we were going to an appointment and my daughter accidentally locked us out of our home. Unplanned things happen. Instead of going crazy and losing it, I’ve learned a few new ways to do more with the time that I have.

5 Habits to Stop Stressing About Time

Plan ahead.
I am the queen of doing things on the fly. If I have a trip to go on, I wait to pack until the very last minute. Since having my second child, I’m realizing that a few minutes of figuring out where I’m going and what I’m going to do can save me time in the long run. I pull up directions and read over them to make sure I know where to go. I check to make sure I have cash if I need it. A great example of planning ahead is going to the MinuteClinic.  They’re a walk-in clinic, but I can check online on the CVS Pharmacy App to see how long the wait is. I can get a vaccine at any time of the year, take Ayva for a sports physical, or get checked out if I’m feeling under the weather.

Go early.
I’ve started going places really early and just waiting so that I can make sure I’m on time. The key to this working is having a plan for what I’m going to do when I get there. I will often pack snacks and find a park to relax at with the kids, or locate a shopping center where we can walk around. If I’m traveling solo, I keep a book or magazine in my purse and hang out until it’s time to do whatever I need to do. This leisurely way of doing things has helped me stop stressing about time a lot.

Leave time for issues.
Scheduling activities back to back is a surefire way to stress about time. I never book events right on top of each other unless there’s no way at all that it can be helped. It seems like whenever I do squeeze our schedules, something happens. I get stuck in traffic, someone gets sick, and I feel overwhelmed and anxious. It’s just not worth it. Now, I look at the schedule and decide whether or not I can comfortably make everything happen without feeling rushed. If I can’t, I just don’t do it.

Take care of myself.
Being healthy is a real time saver. When I’m sick, I can’t get anything done, and that stresses me out more than anything. I take CVS Health AirShield to support my immune system. Since I already know that folks get sick during summer allergy, cold and flu season, I plan ahead and take precaution. Getting sick is the one thing I really don’t have time for! If I do feel myself getting sick, I take a nice hot shower with CVS Shower VaporTabs. When I’m suffering from allergies, I use CVS Fluticasone for 24-hour relief.

Accept when I’m late and adjust.
If it’s 12:55 PM, I have an appointment at 1:00 PM and I haven’t left my house—I’m late. When I know that I’m late, I own it immediately. I reschedule, make alternate plans, or do whatever I have to do to adjust. Things come up. I always have the best intentions to be on time, but if for some reason I’m not, I’ve released the habit of stressing about it. You won’t catch me racing down the freeway, going over the speed limit because I’m late to an event.

I know that the idea of not stressing about time might feel novel. So many of us are used to go, go, going all the time. Every since I started building the habit of not stressing about time, I’ve been able to relax, be more present, and enjoy getting to where I’m going.

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