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Still Got It: 5 Creative Ways To Start A Workout Routine

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5 Creative Ways To Start A Workout Routine

I need to work out. There. I’ve said it. It’s not because I don’t like the way that I look (’cause Mama looks good!), it’s really about the way that I feel. I’ve been sluggish and lethargic lately, and my mind has been a little foggy. Last Sunday, I walk/ran in a 5K, and I felt like a million bucks. That lets me know that the thing that’s missing in my life is consistent exercise. I can’t use light bladder leakage as an excuse. Poise Microliner Pads has that handled for me. The only reason I don’t workout on a regular basis is because I haven’t made it a priority.

Well, Ayva’s getting older, and I don’t want to sleep or shuffle my feet throughout her entire childhood, so I’m starting a new workout routine. It’s going to begin with walking every day (that’s easy). I’ll fill it out with family friendly activities (Terrence and Ayva have been asking), and I’m going to set and share goals so that I’m held accountable. After all, what’s the point in looking good if you don’t feel good? Do you want to get started with me? I’ve come up with a few creative ways to get started!

5 Creative Ways To Start A Workout Routine

1. Call it something other than working out.

On Tuesday, I have plans to walk 3 miles around the lake with one of my girlfriends. We aren’t exercising, though. We’re “catching up”. Guess what? I’m really looking forward to it, too. Couple your workout with something else you really want to do, and it won’t feel so much like a burden.

2. Give yourself a push present.

I know. That probably doesn’t mean what I think it means, right? Ha! Call it whatever you want, but promising yourself a gift if you just get started is a great way to actually get started. I know some folks set a goal and get a treat for themselves once they reach it, but if starting is your biggest challenge, you should be celebrated for pushing through and getting over that first hurdle.

3. Create a workout “try it” list.

Are there some workout activities that you’ve always wanted to try but never got the chance? Maybe it’s yoga, a gym class, or running a 5K. Make a list and start checking those things out! A lot of yoga and dance studios let you try a class for free, and I know some gyms will give you a pass to check them out for up to a week. Even if you haven’t craved any particular workout, find something free or low cost that you haven’t done before and give it a chance.

Poise and Yoga #PoiseWithSam

4. Treat yourself to a few “before I start working out” items.

This is different than the push present I mentioned above. Before you even start working out, get a new pair of sneakers, a fun tee-shirt, or a stylish new makeup bag to put all of your after workout stuff in. Having new stuff will help you get excited, and buoy you into workout success! My suggestion for a gift would be a gym bag filled with things like a luxurious sunscreen, thick, comfy socks, cute shorts and a top, Poise Microliner pads, and a pair of control top undies. Because…movement. Hello!

Poise Microliners #PoiseWithSam

5. Get your family involved, and kickoff your workout plan in a BIG way.

When you need to get in shape, it’s easy to start feeling down. Making the decision to start working out is a big deal, though, Mama! It’s exciting and it deserves to be celebrated! On the day before you’re set to start your workout routine, turn on some music, call your family into the room and DANCE! Song suggestions? “Happy” by Pharell Williams, or “Firework” by Katy Perry.

One thing you don’t have to plan for when you’re getting ready to start your new workout routine is how to deal with light bladder leakage. Poise Microliner Pads are small and non-invasive, and super duper absorbent. Head over to to get a sample!

Arelis Cintron

Tuesday 22nd of July 2014

I like the idea of combining workout out with something you want to do... I have a few friends that I don't get to see often so maybe our catching up time could be getting in a nice long walk! Thanks!

I agree with the get yourself started gifts. I bought some new workout capris and t's and tanks to get psyched about going to the gym. Prior to that I was wearing my worn out leggings and big baggy shirts that were covered in paint stains and sweat ... They didn't fit right and having the right clothing on while working out makes a total difference! Especially if you like running.


Monday 28th of July 2014

Oh goodness, @areliscintron:disqus, that is so true. Terrence wanted to go play tennis, and I kept declining until he offered to buy me new shorts!

Mama Harris

Monday 21st of July 2014

Making it easy without calling it work is great, gifts are a bonus. The energy that you gain is priceless and I know that's why I need to start too!


Monday 28th of July 2014

The energy really is priceless, @mamaharris:disqus, and it really doesn't even take a lot!

Joyce Brewer

Friday 18th of July 2014

I'm in the same boat. I wanna work out and I just got a gift card to a sporting goods store, so I have no excuse for getting new gear!


Monday 28th of July 2014

Oh! What would you get with the gift card, @joycebrewer:disqus?


Friday 18th of July 2014

This is soooo cute!!! I love this!!...As a girl who loves to workout, but sometimes gets lazy!!...I need to get myself a push present too!!!....Im always down for gifts!!...and YES Mama Still Looks good lady!!! xoxo


Monday 28th of July 2014

Whatever works, right, @MavenMantrap:disqus??? :-)


Tuesday 15th of July 2014

These are some great tips and right on time. I'm trying to get "cruise fine" for an upcoming rump around the Caribbean and I desperately need to get it together. I love the idea of working out with family because that's always an excuse of mine--working out taking away from other, family stuff.


Monday 28th of July 2014

Cruise fine- I love that, @vaneesemommyworksalot:disqus! You can do it!!