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Step Aside: Moving Out Of Your Own Way.

While hosting a Twitter chat with my Pushing Lovely friends, recently, we asked the question, “What is holding you back?” For the majority of folks, the response was, “Me.” So many brilliant, creative women not going after their greatest dreams, not because their enemy is trying to sabotage them, or because they don’t have the proper tools, but because they (we) were holding themselves back from reaching and exceeding their full potential. Things like fear, shame, lack of energy, lack of time, disorganization, being unfocused, are all damaging to the self-esteem, and completely detrimental to a dream.

This week, I want to encourage you to step aside of yourself. Move out of the path of the awesome adventures and opportunities that await you. I know, super kumba yah-ish, right? It’s true, though! Just last week, I facilitated a Google+ Hangout sharing all that I know about SEO. Me. ME! Teaching folks about search engine optimization. Like, who am I? I don’t know anything about anything. But, there I was, giving instructions and motivating other women about something that is going to be a tool for helping them to reach their goals. I stepped out of my way, and it not only benefitted me, but it helped others, too.

What great things are you holding yourself back from?


Monday 13th of May 2013

And your advice helps! Sometimes we give ourselves less credit than we really deserve!

Carolyn West

Sunday 10th of March 2013

Yep - the only thing holding me back is... ME.