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Sprint Is Moving Forward

I participated in an Influencer Activation on behalf of Influence Central for Sprint. I received product samples to facilitate my review and a promotional item to thank me for my participation.” #MoveForward #SprintMom 

radio shack

When you’re a work at home mom, getting out of the house to spend time with colleagues is super important. I had to opportunity to do that last week with a fabulous group of bloggers in San Mateo. We were all invited by Influence Central to learn about their partner Sprint’s new services. Not only was it awesome to see my online friends in real life, but we were all really impressed with everything that we learned about Sprint.

What did we learn? Well, for one, did you know that Sprint has a co-branded partnership with Radio Shack? Yup, Radio Shack is still around and they’re getting the 21st century treatment with this new store within a store concept. We found out about the various prepaid options for different lifestyles, and the iPhone Forever program. That’s right, if you join the iPhone FOREVER, you are guaranteed to have the latest iPhone whenever they come out. How cool is that?

sprint direct 2 you

The program that excited me the most, though, was Sprint Direct 2 You. Instead of coming into a store and waiting in line for your new device, Sprint will bring the device to you at your home, office, or wherever else you want to meet. They have branded vehicles and enthusiastic staff who are pumped to help their customers set up their new devices. I really thought was innovative and says a lot about the value Sprint places on its customers.

The best part of the day was going to lunch with my blogger buddies and friends from Influence Central. We were joined by the wonderful Sprint team who taught us how to use the LG G4 phones that we were all given. I had stopped taking selfies because my camera phone was pretty terrible, but this phone was made for taking photos! I’ve been using it for everything from scheduling my social media to drafting blog posts and answering emails and I absolutely think this is the best phone I’ve had.

lg g4

It was a sweet day, and a great reminder that I need to make the time to get out more, not just to learn about new technology, but to connect with my friends. Want to learn more about all that Sprint has to offer? Head over to SprintMom to keep the conversation going!