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Spring Beauty Spruce Up Tips

spring beauty spruce up tips

We’re at the point of springtime where, all over the country, regardless of the temperature, folks are shedding jackets and sliding on sandals at the first glimpse of sunshine. We’re tired of winter and are willing and begging warmer weather to appear NOW. Of course, I live in a place where the temperature is perpetually mild, but I’m even longing for days when I can leave my sweater at home. While we’re all waiting for those glorious summer days to show up, there’s some prep work to do.

Can we be honest for a minute? Some of us take the winter off when it comes to beauty maintenance. I know I do. Who needs to shave their legs if they’re wearing tights? And why should I spend time or money on a pedicure if I’m wearing closed toe shoes for months on end? Well, the time to disrobe is here, Ladies, so let’s put ourselves on our to do list, and do a little bit of spring sprucing up. Hey, if nothing else, it’ll keep us all busy as we’re counting down the days to summer, right?

1. Mani / Pedi

If you haven’t had a manicure or pedicure all winter long, I highly suggest you treat yourself to a professional one NOW (don’t wait) so that you’ll be ready when sandal season comes in full force. If you know that you aren’t good with keeping up with your nails, consider getting a neutral color so that it doesn’t look horrible when it starts to chip. Then, immediately upon leaving the nail salon, go to CVS/pharmacy and pick up some nail polish remover so that you don’t have to walk around with chipped nails. Besides, nice nails are fun to look at when you’re cleaning up after your little one.

2. Waxing

I’m not going to get specific here, because waxing means something different to everyone. For me, however, waxing means getting my eyebrows shaped up, and, uh…upperlipandchin. Whatever it is you get waxed, go ahead and make an appointment to get it done now. It’s nice to have all of that taken care of before you start experimenting with fun summer makeup!

3. Massage

Yes, a massage is absolutely a spring spruce up necessity. After the long brutal winter many of us had (I think it got to 30 degrees one day here in December! Brr!), we deserve a bit of tension release. Seriously, though, massages get the blood pumping and I’ve found that it helps to encourage smooth skin in addition to a positive attitude. You don’t have to go to a fancy spa to get a massage, either. Any nice, clean spot (with good ratings on Yelp) will do.

4. Out With The Old Clothes, In With The New

Go through your closet and get rid of the spring and summer items that you did not wear last year. I’m serious. Unless the only reason you didn’t wear the items is that you were pregnant, then it’s time to let them go. If they’re in good shape, you can take them to Goodwill (and maybe find something that you WILL wear at the same time), and if they’re not, toss them. Spring is about renewal. That goes for your wardrobe, too.

5. Hair

I have two words for you: Deep moisturizer. Sitting under the heat all winter long totally destroys your hair, but a deep moisturizing treatment can bring it back to life. You don’t have to get the most expensive conditioner. In fact, try taking some coconut oil, rubbing it on your hair and wrapping your head with a hot towel for about 30 minutes or so, then rinse it out. That works for me!

Just so you know, Mamas, I believe that we’re absolutely beautiful just as we are. Even if none of us ever gets another eyebrow plucked, or another nail polished, we’re already perfect made. A little spring spruce up is really just an excuse for a little “me” time and a chance to pamper ourselves. After all, why shouldn’t we shine just as bright as the sun?