Safe and Smart Bike Riding Tips For Tweens

Learn about bike safety for tweens in this post sponsored by Mirum. All opinions are my own.
bike safety for tweens

I was the same age my daughter is now when I learned to ride a bike.

My dad removed the training wheels from my bike, and took me to the empty parking lot at my school in the evenings for a week.

By the time that week was up, I was a pro, riding up and down the sidewalk as if I had been doing it for years.My Ayva is a lot like I was.

She isn’t particularly adventurous when it comes to physical activities (she’s much rather take risks on a stage or a dance floor). However, she was committed to learning how to ride a two-wheel bike before summer starts.

I have a new baby to take care of, so her daddy is tasked with teaching her, just like my dad taught me.

The first thing I needed to do was to get Ayva a bike.

We decided to get the Schwinn SmartStart Breeze 20 inch bike for her.

The Schwinn SmartStart line of bikes really fits kids’ proportions, and the 20 inch was perfect for Ayva’s height. 

bike safety for tweens

bike safety for tweens

bike safety for tweens

It only took Terrence about 30 minutes to put the bike together.

Afterwards he took Ayva out for her first practice ride.

My contribution was pulling together some bike riding tips for my newly mobile tween..

I know Ayva. The more fun we make learning how to ride her bike, the better at it she’ll become.

So, I went to the experts on bike safety tips for tweens (and everyone, really). Schwinn.

Bike Trip Bingo by Schwinn is an easy was for your kids to learn a new skill while having fun.

You can download your own free, downloadable printable here.

bike safety for tweens

bike safety for tweens

schwinn 2

schwinn 8


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