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Sh*t Mom Bloggers Say

It’s time to face the facts. If you’re a mom, and you’re a blogger, chances are, you’ve driven your family bananas with your “bloggerisms”. Don’t act like you don’t know what I’m talking about. Making your kids pose for pictures for everything…and even staging pictures because it would go well with one of your posts. Talking your significant other to death about SEO, monetization and analytics (huh?). Crowding your closets with swag from blogger events. Tweeting a pic of your plate from a romantic dinner.Umm, hmm. You know you’re guilty! Don’t worry. We’ve all been there!

I’m just having a little fun, because, you know, in reality, being a mom blogger isn’t all swag and chit chatting on Twitter. It’s brave women, sharing personal stories about issues that are important to families. It’s smart women learning more than a university could ever teach about writing, design, marketing and social media, and creating a living for themselves. It’s sharing women, building community, and making the world a lot less lonely and a lot more inclusive and understanding.

Yeah, mom bloggers are the bomb. But, we do say some funny sh*t! Haha! Enjoy!

Arelis Cintron

Friday 1st of March 2013

I think the video is missing from this post :(