6 reasons to shop for your baby at buybuy BABY

Need to know where to shop for baby stuff? Find out why I love buybuy BABY in this sponsored post!

You know how some moms look forward to putting together their baby registry and getting everything they’re going to need for their new baby? Not me. At least not the first time. My pregnancy was exhausting, and the entire process overwhelmed me. The first time, my best friend who was a nanny put everything I needed on a list. I spent about 10 minutes in the store, but then asked her to finish up online.

My husband’s excitement rubbed off on me with our last baby. As we sat down together with our daughter and made a list of things we’d need for the baby, I couldn’t wait to go into the store and get started. I was hoping for a great experience, and buybuy BABY did not disappoint. We set up an appointment, had a store associate / expert who was available to answer any questions we needed, got a sweet gift bag, and was able to manage our registry online after we left the store.

Now that Babies ‘R Us is closed, I want to make sure new mamas know that there is a place to go where you will be spoiled and walk out with everything you need for your little bundle.

Why should you shop at buybuy BABY?

1. The store is made for mamas and babies. I love walking in and seeing the big bellies all around. Sometimes there are toddlers practicing their walking in the aisle, and there are always couples with their tiny newborns picking up things on their first outing. It’s just a really sweet environment.

2. Store associates are also product experts. They can give great advice about any of the items you’re looking to buy, and help you to pick the right products for your needs.I received help on picking out everything from a crib to a high chair, travel system, and babyproofing gear. Everyone is so incredibly patient and helpful at buybuy BABY. They’re also really, really nice!

3. buybuy BABY has great sales and coupons. If you sign up for the mailing list, you’ll receive a 20% off coupon right away, and emails with other ways to save. Occasionally they even have DIAPERS on sale, and you know how rare it is for stores to discount diapers!

4. Walking around the store was my favorite thing to do when I was on maternity leave. Fortunately, buybuy BABY has a nursing room with recliners and a changing table so I could make sure my little guy was taken care of while I indulged in some postpartum retail therapy.

5. buybuy BABY often partners with their vendors to host informative events at the store. From carseat events to potty training tips and tricks, the workshops give new moms confidence (and an excuse to get out of the house!).

6. Organic, inexpensive, high end—it doesn’t matter what you’re looking for, if it’s for babies, buybuy BABY has it. I think this is what I appreciate about the store the most. There’s something for all families, not just people with a lot of money or folks on a budget. You’ll find big brands and smaller companies featured in their aisles. It’s truly a one-stop shop.

Even now, a year and a half after my son was born, we still go into the store every week or to stock up on things for him. It doesn’t matter if we need wipes or toys—buybuy BABY has it. If you grew up on Babies ‘R Us, I know it might be hard to trust another store. After years of buybuy BABY being my primary baby store, I encourage you to give them a try. You will be glad that you did!

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  1. Sharelle D. Lowery Avatar

    This is exactly where I should have been! I need to go in there now! We have to make it a Moms Trip!

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