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How to Save for Next Year’s Summer Vacation


Have you started to save for next year’s summer vacation?

Although the summer has just wrapped up, I don’t think it’s too early to start thinking about next summer.

This year, my family was fortunate to vacation in San Diego.

We spent an entire week relaxing on the beach, having fun at amusement parks, and lounging by the pool.

Even if you aren’t wealthy, you can still afford to have an awesome vacation. Some of us might have to start planning a little earlier than others, but it can be done!

The first thing that needs to happen is that you have to start planning for next year’s summer vacation NOW. Start making a list of places you want to go, create a budget, and begin saving.

The sooner you start, the more money you’ll end up saving, and you’ll be so much happier when you don’t have to worry about money on your trip.

Here are some ideas to help you save for your summer 2017 vacation! Many thanks to Vanilla Gift Card for sponsoring this post and helping ME to save on our summer vacation!

How to Save for Next Year’s Summer Vacation NOW

Purchase Vanilla Gift Cards every time you get paid.

Gift cards are very helpful when you travel, especially if you’re vacationing on a budget. They don’t allow you to go over the limit, and you can purchase them whenever you have money available. The number one tip I have for planning for next year’s vacation is to purchase a Vanilla Gift Card every time you get paid. You can register them online so that the balance will be safe in the event that you lose it, and you can even use them to purchase things online. Think about it. If you purchase a $25, $50, or $100 Vanilla Gift Card on each payday, you’ll have plenty of spending money on your trip! We were able to use them in San Diego for everything from food to attractions, so they really did come in handy.


Look for all-inclusive vacations that offer payment plans.

All-inclusive vacations are the best because they have everything you need in one spot – food, hotel, attractions, shows. Many all-inclusive vacations even bundle your airfare with them. There is a misconception that all trips like this are expensive. That’s not always the case! Spend time doing some research, and you can find all-inclusive vacations that offer discounts or payment plans. They are frequently offered and will end of saving you a bundle.


Book different parts of the vacation separately.

Instead of paying for everything at once, break down the trip into different pieces. Purchase your airline tickets in one month. The next month take care of attraction tickets. You don’t have to purchase everything at once. Spread it out and take your time planning each piece of your getaway, looking for deals and savings along the way.

Start following blogs and websites from your vacation location.

If you want insider information, you have to go to the insiders. By following local websites and blogs you will know what all the deals are and what to expect when you get to your vacation spot. Be on the lookout for special events, hidden gems that only the locals know about, and coupons or deals that they might be offering.


Be flexible with your scheduling.

Weekend flights are always the most expensive. If you can be flexible and leave for your trip on a Tuesday or Wednesday, you will be setting your self up for big savings.

Flexibility in scheduling can also help you when it comes to which days you check-in and out of your hotel along with different attractions you want to visit.

For example, when we went to LEGOLAND this summer, we discovered that kids ate free in the restaurants after 5 PM.

Knowing that we wouldn’t want to stay in the park all day long, we pushed the time we visited back just a bit to take advantage of the deal.