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Saturday Sights – Tillamook at Charles Krug Winery

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If there’s anything I love more than wine and cheese, it’s history and getting all the good gossip* around a good wine and cheese. I got all of that and more yesterday at at wine tasting and lunch hosted by Tillamook at Napa Valley’s Charles Krug Winery.

Terrence and I were invited to learn about the art of aroma with Charles Krug’s Jessica De Alba, the art of tasting cheese (including a cheese plugging “lesson”) from Tillamook’s Sensory Expert, Madelyn Baladez and the art of pairing from both women. It was a fantastic afternoon filled with so many delicious varieties of Tillamook cheese, Charles Krug wine, and lovely people. Oh, and let’s not even talk about the beautiful Napa Valley views!

After our lesson, we headed down to the yard for a lunch inspired by the flavors of fall. We had Pumpkin Mac & Cheese with 5 varieties of Tillamook cheese, grilled cheese with pears, and beet salad with Tillamook cheese dotted with black pepper. Terrence and I both had to hold ourselves back from going back for a 5th serving of everything.

Interested in learning more about Tillamook? Check out their website, and join the Tillamook Co-Op to stay updated on where the dairy team is going next!

*I’m such a nerd that gossip = deep education on the art of plugging cheese or in depth definitions of things like “tannic”. Ha!


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