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{Saturday Sights} Tilden Park – Berkeley, CA

It seems like every since I moved to California a few weeks ago, either T or I have had something work related to do on the weekend. Today was the first Saturday since Ayva and I have been here that neither one of us had anywhere that we had to be. It was nice to drag him out of bed at the crack of dawn have him join Ayva and me on our Saturday morning shopping trip this morning. We were able to get our grocery shopping for the week out of the way before lunch, so after a brief peanut butter and jelly sandwich break, we headed to Berkeley to go to the Little Farm at Tilden Park.

Tilden Park is one of the area’s oldest parks. It was gorgeous today, populated with lush green trees with leaves turning red and orange, and a different view of the East Bay around every single curve. The animals at the Little Farm were lovely, too. I was seriously surprised at how beautiful the cows were…it must have something to do with the lettuce and celery that farm patrons are allowed to feed them! It was the perfect outing for our family today, sunshine, fresh air, but most importantly, being together.
Ayva wanted to make a wish before we went inside the farm.
Advice. Just in case. You never know.
See what I mean? Gorgeous, right?
This little guy was being spoiled with tons of lettuce and celery!
Ayva took this picture. Birds of any type are her specialty!
I remarked about how much my hair looked like their hair. I need a deep conditioning treatment!
After I took this picture, I took off and left them in my dust!
This pig was huge!