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Saturday Sights: Our Walk to Monkey Forest Road

Ayva and I are still learning our new neighborhood, but one of the first things I did was find out where the coffee shops are. You know, because, that’s pretty important. I found an amazing spot within walking distance of us called Monkey Forest Road. More than just coffee, they also have lovely art to look at and buy. The coffee is a bit expensive for me to form an every day habit, but for a treat once a week or so, I’ll definitely be back for their delicious decaf with its sweet, subtle notes of chocolate that’s brewed by the cup. (Wow, look who sounds like a coffee drinker!) This is what Ayva and I saw on our walk there!

No, it’s not a pineapple, this is a palm tree!
Lots and lots of delicate flowers. Ayva was particularly drawn to these.
Toddler + Pinecone = Don’t Even Think About Not Bringing It Home
A lot of folks ride bikes here. Our new city reminds me of Philly in that way.
Why, yes, these do look a bit like hopscotch!
Such a lovely morning. A little breezy, but still sunny enough to sit outside.
There’s a globe! We must be here!
Yup, we’re here.
Coasters from Bali. I need these.
Ayva was drawn to these statues, as well as those of Buddha.
And finally…coffee. (Yeah, no picture of the cup. I was so busy drinking it, I forgot I was a photographer. LOL!)