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{Saturday Sights} Meet Sparkle The Betta Fish

Thanks to the National Geographic Kids Insiders program & PetSmart for the fab fish supplies!
Meet Sparkle The Betta Fish

We added a member to our family today! Sparkle the Betta Fish is Ayva’s new pet, and is sure to be a source of parenting inspiration for me, as well. Ayva is at the age where she’s craving an increase in responsibility, and she’s totally a sponge. Terrence and I thought that taking care of a fish (with our help) would be the perfect way to encourage her to practice her nurturing spirit, and care for the world around her. Also, she’s been such a good little girl and helpful here at home and at school that she absolutely deserved her trip to PetSmart to pick out her very first pet.

Ayva decided on the name Sparkle for her male double-tailed Betta fish. We came right home to set up Sparkle’s new habitat, and to remind our little pet owner what her responsibilities would be for making sure Sparkle will love living here. PetSmart sent my fellow National Geographic Kids Insiders and myself the National Geographic™ Aqua Oasis Betta Aquarium and other equipment  to get started, so Sparkle is living in a fabulous environment! We’ll do everything we can to make sure his stay here is comfortable and exciting. You know, as exciting as things can get for a Betta fish. 🙂

Fish tank 2

fish tank 13

fish tank 3

fish tank 4

fish tank 5

fish tank 12

fish tank 6

fish tank 9

fish tank 10

fish tank 8

fish tank 7

Meet Sparkle The Betta Fish


Thursday 11th of September 2014

Love! Caitlynn has a beta fish--great first pet. Super simple to take care of.