Saturday Sights: Homeroom Mac & Cheese

homeroom 12

We are a family that is made up of creatures of habit. We thrive on routines, and have our favorite places to go, products to use and places to eat. It’s great in one way because we never struggle over making decisions. In other ways, it gets boring. Today, after a fun day at the beach with friends, I was hungry, and in the mood to turn up. Those two things combined made me want to do something crazy so I suggested to Terrence and Ayva that we try out a new restaurant. After a quick Google search for kid-friendly restaurants, I stumbled upon Homeroom. A friend had just mentioned the mac & cheese spot to me last week, so it felt like fate. We had to go there.

Homeroom was awesome. We arrived at about 4 PM today (Saturday) and were seated right away. The restaurant’s school theme was super cute, and it was carried throughout the restaurant in fun ways such as the huge chalkboard that takes up the entire back wall. The servers all seemed super happy to be working there, and our server Vanessa was especially pleasant. The fact that she recommended a great wine to me that I ended up falling in love with makes me appreciate her even more!

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Now, to the mac and cheese. It’s so good, y’all. This isn’t the type of Southern macaroni and cheese that I’m used to and make at home. The Homeroom version is a little lighter and definitely very kid friendly. I ordered the Pesto Mac and Terrence ordered Smokey Bacon Mac. There was plenty to divvy up and share among the three of us. I splurged and ordered toasted breadcrumbs for the top of the Pesto Mac, and the little crunch just took the dish to another level.

After much deliberation, we decided to have the Caramel Brownie Sundae for dessert. Homeroom has homemade Oreo cookies, Grasshopper Pie, and a Root Beer Float (among other delicious sweets), so it wasn’t an easy choice to make. When our sundae was brought out, I was sure we had made the best choice, though. Like, definitely. Our entire meal, which included 2 entrees, a beer for Terrence, wine for me, and dessert came up to $50, so Homeroom is definitely an affordable place to check out for family date night.

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