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Saturday Sights – Coca-Cola’s Art Of Entrepreneurship Event

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Do you know what happens when you empower women in impoverished communities? That community thrives! Coca-Cola knows that, and created the #5by20 initiative in support of women and communities. The company’s goal is to provide tools, resources and education to financially empower 5 million women by 2020. So far, 865,000 women in 52 countries have been reached by the program, so I’d say that they’re off to a good start!

I was invited to attend the Art of Entrepreneurship event in Atlanta with a group of bloggers this summer to see the unveiling of beautiful unique items made by female artisans all over the world as part of the #5by20 program. The pieces ranged from jewelry to purses, notebooks, decorative items and more. Some of the items were even made using recycled materials like plastic labels and soda can tabs from Coca-Cola products. Judy Achar, the Founder and President of the Mitz Foundation shared how the women in her program in Mexico were able to greatly increase their quality of life after learning to weave plastic labels into fashionable items that people want to buy.

The most remarkable thing that we discovered was that every item purchased directly benefits the women artists and their community. This isn’t another revenue stream for Coca-Cola. This is truly a commitment to helping women to reach financial goals in order to better themselves, their family, and their community. To have an opportunity to see how this work is empowering women was inspiring and motivating, and I left Atlanta determined to do more to support women in need in my own community.

Check out some pictures from the event, and be inspired. You can purchase any of the (incredibly affordable!) #5by20 items online at the Coca-Cola store.

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