Kindergarten and Ayva’s First Day in School


Yesterday was the first day of kindergarten. The beginning of a new era for my little Ayva. Our entire family was excited for her to get started on this next phase of her life. Terrence set her alarm the night before to wake her up at 6:55, but Ayva was already up before her Minnie Mouse clock started singing.

She jumped into our bed to tell us about her dream. It featured several of her preschool classmates, including a couple that are in her new kindergarten class, and she talked NONSTOP from the time she started getting dressed until we walked her up to her classroom door.

After school, she told us all about her day, and was excited to share all she’d learned about fire drills, signals for the bathroom and water, and everything else “The Boss” (her teacher) shared.

Monday is another first day for us as she will start to wear her uniform and go to an afterschool program.

They grow up so fast

When Ayva was first born, I couldn’t imagine her growing up. She was so tiny and we were just trying to make it day by now. Now this girl is independent, going off to school, and learning to read!

Time waits for no one. Like, at all. 




Ayva's In Kindergarten 7

Ayva's In Kindergarten 8

Ayva's In Kindergarten 9

Ayva's In kindergarten 10