Remembering The Super Moments

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Ayva Del Monte

We’re a couple of weeks into Ayva’s first grade year, and so far it’s more awesome than either of us had imagined. Every day she comes home with adventures that she and her classmates have had. Yesterday, when Terrence picked her up from her after school program, he told me that she and a friend had planned out an entire play, complete with costumes, and were wondering if he could build them a stage! Seriously, how cool is that?

Everything seems to go by so fast at this age. All of these fun ideas that she has, and all of the stories and drama that comes with being a first grader, these are the things that super memories of a great childhood are made of. Since I know how hard it is to remember things as you get older, I always encourage Ayva to write things down in her journal. Whether it’s a few sentences recalling what she did that day, or even just a picture, not only is it a way to increase her literacy skills (#momtip), it also helps her to be grateful and remember what a blessed little girl she is.

Ayva Del Monte 2

Ayva Del Monte 4

I’m really lucky to have such a super little girl. Interesting, sweet and always available for a hug, my Ayva is pretty much as good as it gets. She’s my favorite little sidekick. Del Monte knows that super kids need a perfect sidekick. They’ve created the new Del Monte Fruit and Veggie Fusions. These tasty snacks are the same fruit that you’ve loved since forever, but in a lightly sweetened veggie and fruit juice. It’s the best of both worlds! Del Monte’s Fruit and Veggie Fusions comes in Peach Mango, Apple Pear Watermelon, and Cherry Fruit Trio. They taste really good, and we’ve discovered that they go really well with a journal session! Del Monte Fruit & Veggie Fusions have been available at your local Walmart since September 8, 2015 so head over and pick some up!

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In what ways is your child super? I’d love to hear your proud mama stories! 

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