Proof Teen Period Underwear Review

3 pair of underwear on a purple background

3 pair of underwear on a purple background

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If you’re not interested in all the nitty-gritty details of a full Proof Teen period underwear review, here’s the tl;dr:

Proof makes great period underwear for teens.

They’re are made of the highest quality and are quite affordable, especially compared to other popular period panty lines. 

Oh! And they are a sustainable brand. If you have an eco-conscious teen like mine, that’s important.

Want more details? Keep reading!

pair of tie-dye period boyshort underwear on a blue background

What are Proof period underwear?

You may have seen a pretty big shakeup in the period panty world recently with another major company.

It’s so important for us to know the companies we’re purchasing from, especially when it pertains to our daughter’s menstrual health.

Proof is a company that was started by three sisters who wanted to create products that would support women in looking and feeling their best.

Their line of period underwear are designed to be stylish and leakproof so that they can be worn regularly.

As I mentioned above, Proof is commitment to sustainability. They use eco-friendly materials like organic cotton and recycled nylon to create their products.

Proof Teen period underwear for tweens and teens

Proof Teen period underwear is Proof’s new line of reusable, sustainable, and affordable period underwear.

They come in extended teen and tween sizes so that new period havers can feel comfortable and protected throughout their entire cycle.

The teen line includes Proof’s signature triple-patented Leak-Loc™ technology plus moisture-wicking and antimicrobial fibers to stay dry and fight odors.

Proof sent me a few pairs of this new line to try out, and my 13-year-old was my product tester.

First, we loved the colors!  They were aqua, purple, and a fun tie-dye.

The panties also come in black. 

We both thought the panties felt super soft and would probably be comfy. 

The teen line come in different absorbencies ranging from super light to super heavy. 

My teen tested Super Heavy, but check the chart below to determine what would work for your flow. 

proof teen period underwear flow chart

Do Proof Teen period underwear work?

Yes, they work.

The period panties were effective against leaks, and just as comfortable as they claimed they’d be.

After wearing the tie-dye boy shorts for the first night of her cycle, my product tester said that she was nervous about falling asleep because she thought she might leak on her sheets since she didn’t have on a pad.

We were both surprised the next morning.

Although my product tester wasn’t completely comfortable the next morning (as we get sometimes wearing period underwear), she was eager to get showered and fresh undies on.

But, she didn’t have any leaks, so that is a huge win! 

The tie-dye boy shorts she slept in were heavy-duty without being super thick and uncomfortable, and according to her, they stayed in place well all night long.

For school that next morning, she opted to wear the briefs.

As a student on the leadership team, she’s always on the move, but said that at one point she forgot about her period.

I’d say that means they did what they had to do, huh?

What I like is that it’s been a few months now, and even after many launderings in the washing machine, my teen is still satisfied with these panties because they are so well made.

Overall, I can highly recommend Proof Teen period underwear. 

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