Preschool Style: Hey, Hey Chambray!

If there’s one thing that I love more than shopping for myself, it’s shopping for my little girl. For those of you who follow me on Instagram, you know that Ayva is quite the fashionista, and I’m happy to indulge her. Fortunately, at this age, clothes aren’t really expensive, and she really seems to enjoy expressing herself through the quirky, colorful outfits she puts together. Now, I’m pretty good about letting her wear what she wants, but there are some times when I want her to look less Punky Brewster and more Vici from Small Wonder (Y’all know you remember Small Wonder. Don’t leave me out here by myself looking old!).

For times like those, chambray is a great option. The neutral blue color appeases my mama sensibilities, while being the perfect palette for my  preschooler to add her flair with colorful shoes and accessories. Although it’s often confused with denim, chambray is much lighter in weight. It’s just right for little ones who want to be fashionable, but still need to be able to climb, and run, and play. With warmer weather on its way, chambray pieces are absolutely going to be a staple in Ayva’s wardrobe this spring.

The cool thing about chambray is that you can dress it up or down, and just about anything goes with it. It’s also a fabric that will take you from spring all the way through fall. Just add a cardigan on cooler spring mornings, and tights on brisk fall days. Feel free to let your little girl go crazy with gold and sparkles, or bright colors and fun accessories. It’s really difficult to make chambray look bad. And besides, little girls look cute in everything they wear anyway, right?

What fashion trends will your preschooler be wearing this spring? Do you think you’ll give chambray a try?