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Playing the Mommy Card: The Truth About Mommy Privilege

Mama Knows It All

None of us want to admit that it exists. I mean, why would we? Every day we benefit from it, and we rely on the perks of it to help us through some challenging situations. Well, I’m opening up and coming out of the closet to speak about the unspeakable. A lot of folks are going to be mad at me, and I’m sure I’ll be shunned, but it’s time we all come clean about it.

Mommy Privilege.

Oh, yes. Mommy Privilege is really a thing, and any mother who claims she’s never heard of it or gained something from it is a bold-faced liar in denial. I’m not totally proud about it, but I’ve definitely used Mommy Privilege to my advantage. If I’m being completely honest, I’d say my Mommy card has been used so often, that I’m at the point where I’ll need to have another child soon because the benefits are just about run out of this one! Hmm…maybe I should…nevermind. 🙂

Anyway, I know those of you who aren’t Moms (or y’all that are Moms, but  who are trying to front like you don’t know) are wondering what is Mommy Privilege. Here’s an example. Last year, when Ayva first started at her new school, I was pulling into a parking spot, and a driver completely cut me off and took it. The woman jumped out of the car, smiled and said, “Sorry! If you want to wait a minute, I just have to run my kid into school! You know how it is!”. Yes. I do. I do know how it is. I’ve played that card many times, Sister. I’ve never been as jerky about it, but I’ve totally inconvenienced someone and played it off by playing the Mommy Card.

What is Mommy Privilege?

Mommy Privilege means never having to do anything you don’t want to do because, “I can’t stay late. I need to pick my little one up from school.” It’s “Are there any seats closer? I’m worried my little one won’t be able to see from here.”, and “Sorry we’re late. The little one was having a rough morning!” My Mommy Privilege has allowed me to take water pass the airport security checkpoint (hey, that’s a big deal! It’s saved me from having to spend like $8 on airport water!), and it has moved me to the front of many a line. I can’t believe I’m going to admit this, but Mommy Privilege has even allowed me to stay seating in church when the Pastor asks everyone to stand. I’m so ashamed!!!

I actually don’t have a problem with folks using their Mommy card, as long as they’re considerate about it. Don’t let Mommy Privilege keep you from taking your child outside of the restaurant if they’re screaming at the top of their lungs. Don’t go on public transportation during rush hour with a double-wide stroller if you don’t have experience closing that sucker up and getting it out of everyone’s way. And don’t cut in front of me to take my parking spot because you think getting your child to school is way more important than anything else I could possibly be doing. And, yes. I’m still hot about that incident.

Mommy Privilege Best Practices

If you’re going to utilize your Mommy Privilege, there are a couple of things you can do to make sure folks don’t start hating you because of it. Do be considerate of folks who may not have the Mommy Card to play. Don’t think that because your co-worker doesn’t have any children at home that they can always take the late shift. Don’t assume that strangers think your child is cute and want them all up in their personal space. No one thinks your little one’s crying is adorable. Ever. Consider a baby carrier instead of a luxury stroller in crowded , tight spaces. Just, you know, think about the other people around you.

So, uh…Moms? Are y’all mad at me? Please forgive me. My little one has been having a tough time sleeping at night, and…well, you know the rest!

Arelis Cintron

Thursday 3rd of October 2013

I think anyone who doesn't have a child and has ever babysat for a minute could totally be ok with someone using the mommy card because they've gotten a small taste of what its like to be a mom. Like you've said though, as long as you don't abuse the card .... and if yours is running low it definitely is time to start on the next baby wink wink


Thursday 3rd of October 2013

I appreciate the understanding, @areliscintron:disqus. When you and Danny have a baby, because you are so sweet and work with children now, you get an extra punch on your Mom Privilege Card. LOL!

Janeane Davis

Wednesday 2nd of October 2013

Yes!!!!! I love Mommy Privilege. I have four children so I have been using this for YEARS. It works with annoying family members, telephonen conversations you are sick of and a variety of things. When my kids are all grown up, I will start using Grandma privilege!


Thursday 3rd of October 2013

YES!! I love hearing a true Mommy veteran admitting to using the Mom Card, @janeanedavis:disqus! See, that's why I need to have more kids. So I can refill that sucker back up. Haha!

Mallery Schuplin

Monday 30th of September 2013

LMAO! I am late for everything because, well, my family has ALWAYS been late for everything. It's in our blood. With that said, I've never played the mommy card for being late, but you better believe I have played it around his sleep schedule if I don't want to stay somewhere long. Oh man have I played it multiple times when I want to leave because I am terrified of an overtired toddler. I'm so selfish because I don't want to deal with a whiny kid. SO selfish.

At least I own it? Maybe? Not so much? LOL

i love your topics. :)


Thursday 3rd of October 2013

@malleryschuplin:disqus You know, when Ayva was first born, I was EARLIER than normal for stuff. Once I realized I COULD play the Mommy card, well... LOL! You are totally not selfish for not wanting to deal with a kid having a meltdown. That is NOT something that I'm wiling to deal with in my life, either! Thank you for the comment, and your insight!