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Play In The Rain With Bogs Footwear

Many thanks to Bogs Footwear for sending Ayva insulated boots to try out!
bogs footwear 3

I used to hate the rain. Right now, though, California is in the middle of a drought, and I feel silly for so many years of cursing the sky whenever it opened up. It’s true that you never miss a good thing until it’s gone, and now, not only do I welcome the rain, but I can’t wait to get out in it when it starts coming down.  Ayva has always adored the rain. Like most children, she lived to put on her boots and splash in puddles. Last week it rained for about an hour, which was just enough time for her to get some splashing in before school, and just enough time for me to discover that she’d outgrown her old boots from last year.

In preparation for an end to the drought (I believe!!!), Ayva has been breaking in her new Bogs insulated boots. The Classic Flower Stripes style is not only adorable, but also keeps little feet warm and dry. In fact, we could head up to Tahoe with these boots this winter, as the installation is rated to -30F! Ayva loved the flower/stripe combination, and I liked the pull on handles that make it easy for her to put the boots on herself.

The most important feature of the boots to both Ayva and me is the fact that kids are still able to move when they wear them. Just because it’s raining or cold outside, that doesn’t mean the play stops. We bundle up, put on raincoats, and head outside anyway. Not having to be concerned about my 5-year-old getting sick because of cold, wet socks gives me the chance to get out of Worried Mama mode, and into Mama’s Ready To Play mode!

Find out more about Bogs Footwear on their website, or follow them on Twitter, Instagram or Facebook. Bogs has shoes for babies, kids and adults, so now is the time to get your whole family ready for the cold, or (hopefully for us Californians) the rain!

Bogs Footwear for Little Girls

Bogs Footwear for Little Girls

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bogs footwear 4

bogs footwear 2


Tuesday 7th of October 2014

These are super cute!! And they have tons of designs for boys, which has been a struggle for me. Can't wait to grab a few pair for my son!

Aida Ingram

Monday 6th of October 2014

I love these... do they have these in my size... 8-)

Val B

Monday 6th of October 2014

She is too cute! I bet she wants to wear them everyday. And I agree with @janeanedavis:disqus. The handles look like they make them extra easy to put on.

Bernetta Style

Monday 6th of October 2014

Those boots are too cute. I have a 6 year old and I can see her face now if I came home with those. I would like it to rain just to see her rock those! LOL! I would love to see what other color options they have.


Monday 6th of October 2014

How adorable are those boots?! They look so cute on her! I need some for myself! :D