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My kids had a photoshoot at Picture People and it was great!

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I’ve probably taken a million pictures of my children since they’ve been born. In fact, since I gave birth to my son a few months ago, he has more baby pictures than I have of myself throughout my entire life—and I’m old! It’s just so easy, you know? We live in the digital age and always have our cameras with us. Documenting memories comes second nature to us at this point. It’s something we do all the time.

Unfortunately, just because it’s easy we’ve kind of gotten lazy. It’s been forever since I actually had a photo printed out, and forget about having it framed! I have two beautiful children. They deserve more than to have their images stuck in my phone or computer!

That is precisely the reason I got my kiddos all dressed up and headed over to buybuy BABY the other week. There is a Picture People photo studio inside. I figured it’s high time they had proper photos taken, and I know that Picture People specializes in working with babies and children.  I made an appointment online a couple of days beforehand, showed up, and had a fun time watching Ayva and Jamie have a full out photoshoot!

It was such an easy experience. Both my baby boy and little girl had a good time. The best part is that I was able to select photos and have them printed out that day. I wasn’t expecting that at all! Our photographer pre-selected a few photos that stood out to her, but I still had free reign in choosing which shots I liked. She was so thorough in explaining packages to me.  I like that she went through all of the deals and specials they had going on to make sure I got the best price.

Now is the perfect time to head over to Picture People at buybuy BABY to get pictures taken of your children. The holiday backdrops and props are super cute! Each location has different choices, so call ahead or stop by to see what options they have to get pictures that you will absolutely love.

How to prepare for your photoshoot at Picture People

1.  You CAN bring a change of clothes for your children. I was surprised about this! If you want different looks, they are completely open to it.

2.  If you have to nurse your baby, no problem! I fed Jamie while Ayva was getting her solo pictures done, or our photographer was setting up a new shot. She let me know what all Picture People photographers are trained in being sensitive to a baby’s needs, whether they need to stop to be fed, changed, or consoled in any way.

3. You don’t have to wait forever to get your pictures pictures! After your session, expect to hang out for about 30 more minutes. You’ll go through all of the shots that your photographer shot, and then wait for them to be printed. That gave me time to change Jamie and walk around buybuy BABY.

4. There are always deals going on with Picture People. Check their website regularly and  join the mailing list. If you purchase a discount on a third party deal site, they will definitely honor it. Just be sure to call ahead first.

5. Schedule your photoshoot appointment ahead of time online! It took me less than 5 minutes to do. The store called me a couple of days before to confirm, and they were all set up and ready for us when we arrived.

6. Be prepared to help wrangle your baby. Safety is a number one priority for the photographer, so they’ll let you know where to stand in order to keep your baby safe.

 This holiday season, while your kids are all clean and you have time off from work, get some pictures taken. Picture People is also great for family portraits! 

When’s the last time your children had professional pictures taken?