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How to Stop Period Cramps

period cramps

Can we talk about menstrual pain and how to stop period cramps for a minute?

Of all the things I passed on to my daughter genetically, I sure wish I could have kept the menstrual cramps to myself.

I’ve had challenging periods with really bad PMS since my cycle started.

I was diagnosed with fibroids in my twenties, and since then I’ve made some changes to make my period more manageable.

Now that I’m squared away, I want to make sure my teenage daughter finds comfort with her menstrual health, too.

What causes period cramps

Period cramps happen because of contractions or squeezing, in the uterus.

Sometimes the contraction can be too strong and cut off oxygen to the uterus. That’s what causes the pain.

You might feel the pain in your abdomen through your thighs and down your legs.

Some folks might even feel discomfort in their back. 

period cramps

Not everyone gets menstrual cramps, but if you or your daughter does, I have some remedies to help you to feel better. 

Let me preface this by saying that there might be some things on this list of ideas for relief that aren’t your cup of tea.

That’s okay!

I have tried a lot of things to be able to get to a point with my menstrual health where I feel in control, especially relating to managing period cramps.

I know what works. 

Now that my daughter’s comfort is on the line, knowing what works is even more important.

Still, check in with your doctor before you implement anything because I’m just a mom sharing what’s worked for my family!

Manage cramps before they start

Okay, the key to managing cramps is to stop them before they start. 

Once the pain begins, it can be more difficult to get it under control.

Talk to your daughter about tracking her period via an app or a period tracking journal so that she knows when her cycle begins and ends.

By keeping track of her symptoms, she can predict when the menstrual cramps might start and hold them off.

I created a period and symptom tracker for you to download. Click to download for free, or purchase a physical copy on Amazon for under six bucks. 

period tracker for girls

How to stop period cramps

What you do to get rid of period cramps for a girl will be different than what you’d do as a woman. 

If a girl is going to take medication, she’s going to take a lower dose than a grown-up would.

What if she’s in school and not able to make hot tea when her period cramp begins?

I’m going to share a bunch of easy ways to ease the pain of cramps, and y’all can go through them and find a solution that works for you!


If the cramps are bad enough, try an over-the-counter pain reliever.

We take Aleve when things get rough over here, and it works quickly. 


Show your daughter how to massage her stomach in a clockwise rotation.

Massaging will counter the pain from the cramping and provide some relief. 

Hot Showers

There’s nothing better than letting the hot water soothe menstrual pain.

I’m a shower fan, but a hot/warm bath is even better. Soak for a little bit and let the warm water relax her muscles and stop the cramping. 


If your daughter dances or plays a sport, she might have discovered period cramps lessen when she’s more active.

It’s true! 

Encourage your daughter to stay active to help ward off period cramps.

Heat Therapy

Putting something warm on the pain will help get rid of those period cramps, even without medication.

There are so many adorable heating pads especially for girls, too, like this cute Menstruation Crustacean, or Microwavable Cactus.

Oh, and don’t forget to pick up a pack of portable heat wraps that she can wear to school under her clothes. 

period cramps

cactus shaped heating pad

Muscle Stimulator

I’ve had some friends share success using muscle stimulators with their daughters for period pain.

I haven’t tried it myself, but that might be another angle to look at, too!


Your daughter might hate to hear this. If she’s having bad cramps, diet might have something to do with it.

For sure eliminate dairy, and minimize sugar and processed foods.

It makes a huge difference!

period cramps

Period pain is real

If you’ve tried everything and nothing seems to be helping your child’s period cramps, take her to the doctor.

I went all my teen years with debilitating periods only to discover I had fibroids growing in my uterus.

Listen to your girl, acknowledge her discomfort, and don’t stop until you find relief.