Our Easy and Personal Wedding Guest Book

Shutterfly Wedding Guest Book

Although it’s been nearly  6 months since our wedding, I’m still kind of decompressing and recalling the day that was one of the best I’ve ever had. Everything turned out EXACTLY the way I’d hoped it would, casual but elegant with lots of personal little touches. One of the personal touches that turned out really great was our Wedding Guest Book. Once again, I  tried to be the Minimalist Bride, and wasn’t even sure why we even needed a guest book. Thank goodness Terrence brought me to my senses! It’s for the memories, duh! So, we logged on to Shutterfly (Yes, Shutterfly! Really!), used photos from our awesome engagement shoot, and created our personal wedding guest book.

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Shutterfly Wedding Guest Book

It’s So Easy

Making our wedding guest book from Shutterfly was so easy. We uploaded pictures, chose a layout, and added text. It can be even simpler than that if you want. You can pick a design that doesn’t feature a lot of photographs, or any added text. It’s up to you how intricate or simple you want your guest book to be. Since we wanted to show off our engagement pictures, our book was 20 pages and featured some of our most lovely shots.

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Make Your Own Guest Book

Head over to Shutterfly to make your very own Wedding Guestbook. There are quite a few new designs that have been added since we made our book over 6 months ago. Isn’t this a great way to share some of your engagement photos, or pictures that you and your hubby took as you were dating! It also gives guests who might want a break from dancing something to do, and helps to give family and friends who may just be getting to know your better half, a peek into your relationship!

Shutterfly always offers specials and discounts on their products, so make sure you check the site (and the Shutterfly Facebook page) for deals. Right now, you can get a FREE Wedding Guest Book from Shutterfly on Facebook. Hurry up and sign up to get your code! The deal ends on March 13th!

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